Zoom provides an AI-generated meeting overview

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Zoom has announced that it will collect data such as inputs, messages, and AI-generated content from meetings every time the Zoom IQ feature is used to train an AI model.

Video conferencing platform Zoom has launched meeting outlines and chats, a key feature of Zoom IQ. This helps your team be more productive, balance workday priorities, and collaborate more effectively. “Meeting Summary” allows Zoom meeting hosts to create a summary leveraging their own large language model and share it with their team via chat or email without recording the conversation. became. Hosts can receive automated summaries and share them with attendees and non-attendees to improve team collaboration and boost productivity.

Sumita Hashim, Chief Product Officer of Zoom, said, “With the introduction of these new features to Zoom IQ, our amazing generative AI assistant, our team will be able to further improve their productivity in their day-to-day tasks, It allows us to spend more time creatively and collaborate more.” in a statement.



“Chat Compose” allows team chat users to change the tone and length of messages, rephrase responses, as well as contextualize team chat threads using generative AI-powered compose capabilities powered by OpenAI technology. You can now compose messages based on Customize text recommendations. To use these features, the customer must visit her Zoom admin console and opt-in to a free trial for each feature.

Additionally, the company said its upcoming generative AI capabilities, which it plans to release soon, will allow users to draft content for emails, summarize team chat threads, organize ideas, and draft whiteboard content. . These features are the result of Zoom’s partnership with OpenAI and Anthropic. The video conferencing platform said it was also working on an AI-powered feature that would allow users to “secretly” get a meeting summary within the chat in case they joined late. It also adds an AI-powered feature that allows you to organize ideas into categories during discussions.

Zoom said it collects data from meetings whenever the Zoom IQ feature is used to train an AI model. These include inputs, messages, and AI-generated content. However, third-party apps on Zoom cannot access this data.

— Based on information from IANS

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