YouTube AI-generated content policy update: The Google-owned video platform now allows affected users to request the removal of content that impersonates their face or voice

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Mumbai, July 2: AI-generated content on various social media and video hosting platforms has occasionally raised concerns. In 2024, numerous videos of celebrities and businessmen were discovered on multiple social media platforms, websites, advertisements, and video platforms such as YouTube. Most notably, in January 2024, a fake video of Elon Musk promoting cryptocurrency was discovered on YouTube, where people thought he was encouraging investment in the coin.

Now, YouTube is quietly taking action against the uploading of AI-generated content on its platform. report by TechCrunchYouTube changed its policies in June, giving users the power to request the removal of AI-generated or synthetic content that includes their face or voice. Following feedback from its oversight board, Meta has updated its AI labels for AI-generated content, replacing “created by AI” with “AI information.”

The report said the new YouTube policy would allow people to request the removal of such AI content through the platform's privacy request process. YouTube is reportedly expanding on a previously announced approach. Responsible AI Agenda: According to the report, unlike before when it could request the removal of misleading content like deepfakes, YouTube will now allow affected users to directly request the removal of content as a privacy violation.

YouTube's new policy will be effective in most cases, except in cases where the affected person is a minor, deceased, does not have access to a computer, etc. The report emphasizes that simply submitting a request will not result in the removal of a video on the platform: YouTube must make a decision on the request or complaint submitted based on several factors.

YouTube will continue to review whether content is synthetic or created with AI technology. It will also check whether people are identified in the video, whether they are parodying, satirizing or otherwise being used. YouTube will also check whether people in the video are public figures or have engaged in criminal or violent activity, the report stresses. For Google-owned videos, YouTube will also check whether people in the video are endorsing products or political candidates. WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to create their own images using Meta AI. Find out more.

After requesting the removal of AI-generated content, YouTube notifies the uploader and gives them 48 hours to respond to the complaint. YouTube closes the complaint if the video is removed within the deadline, otherwise it starts an initial review. The platform warns the uploader to remove the name and personal information from the title, description, tags and video. Uploaders can also make the video private or remove the blue face upon request.

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