Wondershare Launches Virbo, the Next Generation AI Video Generator

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Vancouver, British Columbia, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wondershare, a renowned software developer, is pleased to announce the launch of Virbo, an advanced AI-powered text-to-video creation tool. Virbo made its soft debut at his Dublin Tech Summit 2023, garnering significant attention there and enthusiastic response from event attendees.

The Dublin Tech Summit is an annual technology conference that brings together industry leaders, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and innovations in the technology industry.as part of Wondershare’s Virbo, an AI product, aims to provide customers with intelligent video generation solutions to help them gain an edge in the competitive landscape.

Wondershare Virbo allows users to create highly realistic and personalized AI avatar video content featuring different nationalities and languages. It also offers a wide range of engaging templates to help users quickly create engaging and expressive videos to achieve their business goals.

“We are proud to introduce Virbo to provide users with more efficient AI-powered video production solutions,” said Dour Dou, Product Director at Virbo. “Virbo allows users to easily create highly realistic and customized AI avatar videos, breaking down language barriers and connecting with audiences in a whole new way.”

Wondershare Virbo made its soft debut at Dublin Tech Summit 2023.

Main features of Wondershare Virbo:

Over 120 voices and languages:
Supports over 120 languages ​​and voice options

150+ AI Avatars:
Virbo offers over 150 lifelike AI avatars representing different nationalities, ages and appearances to meet users’ needs in a wide range of scenarios.

180+ Video Templates:
Easily access over 180 templates that match your brand and style.

Generating AI scripts:
Generate customized and engaging video scripts using Virbo artificial intelligence.

Compatibility and price

Wondershare Virbo is compatible with iOS and Android, with prices starting at . $40.9 For monthly subscriptions. Web and desktop versions coming soon. For free trial and download, please visit the official website or app store.follow me Instagram, YouTube, etc. tick tock to meLearn more about Virbo.

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