Who is Tongyi Qianwen: Alibaba’s ChatGPT Competitor Explained

AI Basics

If you’re a fan of artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots, you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a breakthrough AI model that can generate realistic and engaging text on almost any topic. ChatGPT has generated a lot of interest and excitement in the tech world, but it’s not the only game in town. In fact, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba recently unveiled its own version of generative AI. Synonymous Senmon means “Ask a thousand questions and seek the truth.”

What is Synonymous Chimon?

Tongyi Qianwen (中义千问 in Chinese) is a large-scale language model trained on massive amounts of data to generate compelling responses to user prompts. Summarize meeting notes, write emails, write business proposals, tell stories, plan trips, buy advice, and much more. Tongyi Qianwen is fluent in Chinese and English.

Tongyi Qianwen builds on Tongyi, a proprietary pre-trained model framework developed by Alibaba to bring together a wide range of AI models.

Tongyi Qianwen: Will Alibaba's ChatGPT competitor succeed?

Alibaba claims that Tongyi Qianwen will make a big difference in how we produce, work and live.

“We are at a technological fork, driven by generative AI and cloud computing, where companies across all sectors are embracing intelligence transformation to stay ahead of their game.”

– Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group and CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Change has already begun! Alibaba shares are up 3% in early trading thanks to Tongyi Qianwen.

DingTalk, Alibaba’s workplace messaging app, will be the first company to incorporate technology that can be used to take notes in meetings, compose emails, and create business proposals. Alibaba’s virtual assistant, Tmall Genie, will be updated to include this feature as soon as possible.

“In the near future, the new AI model will be integrated into Alibaba’s various businesses to improve user experience. method can be created.”


Tongyi Qianwen will soon be available for Alibaba Cloud customers to create their own large-scale language models.

Tongyi Qianwen: Will Alibaba's ChatGPT competitor succeed?

How do I access synonymous preambles?

At this time, it is only available to enterprise customers who can sign up to test on Alibaba’s cloud platform.

Alibaba plans to integrate Tongyi Qianwen into all its apps in the near future. First, his DingTalk, a workplace messaging app, and his Tmall Genie, a voice assistant. Ultimately, Tongyi Qianwen will be accessible through any of his Alibaba apps, from e-commerce to map services.

How to use Tongyi Qianwen

To use Tongyi Qianwen, simply type or speak a prompt and wait for the AI ​​model to generate a response. For example, if you want to write an invitation letter for a business meeting, just enter the basic information such as meeting date, time, place and topic, and Tongyi Qianwen will create a professional and courteous letter for you. you. Or if you want to buy makeup products online, you can ask Tongyi Qianwen for recommendations based on your skin type, preferences and budget.

What is Tongyi Qianwen? How to get there? Learn what it does and find out how to use it. Can Alibaba's ChatGPT Killer Succeed? Continue reading...

Click here for more information about Tongyi Qianwen.

China’s AI Initiatives Rise

Tongyi Qianwen is not the only generative AI model in China. Other technology companies such as Baidu and SenseTime have also launched or announced their own chatbots based on similar technology. But Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen stands out for its size and ambition.

Alibaba aims to make Tongyi Qianwen a ubiquitous and versatile service that can enhance every aspect of users’ lives.

What is Tongyi Qianwen? How to get there? Learn what it does and find out how to use it. Can Alibaba's ChatGPT Killer Succeed? Continue reading...

If you’re interested in Tongyi Qianwen and want to try it yourself, you may have to wait a little longer until it’s widely available. But when it does, it will allow us to enjoy new levels of convenience and intelligence powered by Alibaba’s generative AI.

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