Vogue Business AI Luxury Summit with Google explores AI applications and opportunities

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Vogue Business Google hosted senior representatives from the fashion and luxury industries in Paris to discuss the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence. The half-day summit, held at Google's France headquarters, brought together executives from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, Hugo Boss and Isabel Marant, among others.

Axel de Goursac, Director of the LVMH Group's AI Factory, and Joel Barral, Senior Director of Research and Engineering at Google DeepMind, each gave a speech. Vogue Business Senior Innovation Editor Magan McDowell discusses AI initiatives and goals within the fashion industry. Vogue Business Paris correspondent Laure Guilbaud spoke one-on-one with the founders of four startups that use AI to provide new solutions. Vogue Business Anusha Kuttigan, Head of Advisory, said: Vogue Business Google research into the potential of AI in the luxury industry.

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Key themes of the day included the need to prioritize human intuition and creativity, the need for a global agreement on AI regulation, use and standards, and more specifically the positive use of AI in terms of sustainability and reducing waste.

DeepMind's Barral spoke about how the company's research into the structure of proteins, called “AlphaFold,” could be used to process plastic waste more effectively, for example through upcycling. In the short term, she sees opportunities to use generative AI to automate and personalize aspects of customer service, help with sketching ideas and interpret large text documents.

LVMH's AI Factory is helping several of the group's brands test and use AI, de Goursac said. Already, AI is helping customer advisors identify the most appropriate customers to reach out to and adding contextual suggestions to customer interactions. Additionally, LVMH brands are using AI to improve inventory planning, including production volumes and allocation locations to reduce unsold goods.

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