(VIDEO) Jennifer Lopez asks AI to speak in Kelantanese dialect, local fans go wild

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Today, most people, especially creative people, are strongly opposed to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create art. For years, many have feared that one day humans will be outdone by robots.

While AI technology hasn't reached that point (yet), it has achieved some pretty impressive feats, such as interacting with people of different languages, even dialects. Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez demonstrated this in a recent promotional video, asking an AI to “audition.” Watch the video:

Source: TikTok/netflixmalaysia

To promote their latest sci-fi movie, “Atlas,” Netflix Malaysia and Jennifer Lopez have posted several videos on TikTok, one of which has gone viral for showcasing an AI named Smith, a voice actor in the new movie, played by Gregory James Cohan. In the video, the artificial entity is seen speaking in a variety of languages, including Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, and even Malay, “auditioning” for actresses.

What surprised Malaysian fans the most was when the Hollywood star asked Smith to say something in Kelatanya and Smith replied: “That's enough. How many more times are you going to ask me?” As you can see in the comments below, many people, especially those from Kelantan, were excited to hear the Bahasa Malaysia dialect used in the promotional video.

Source: TikTok/netflixmalaysia

It's unclear whether the actor who plays Smith actually recorded these lines for the promotion, or if they were generated by an AI using his voice. Either way, we have to agree that it was still a clever and fun way to promote a movie about the war between man and machine.

Check out the viral clip below:


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“Atlas” trailer:

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