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Video: AI imagery highlights chaotic streets in Taiwan
Taiwanese street scene generated by AI. (Photo: CNA)

AI-generated art and images are all the rage these days. Netizens seeking AI-generated images of Taiwan’s cityscape have fared better than expected, and the images contain familiar chaos that they would not normally notice.

Video script:

Many people find it hard to believe that recent AI images of Taiwan are not real. We will ask AI to produce a “Taiwan cityscape”. The jumbled signs, electric wires, red lanterns, illegally parked cars and scooters, at first glance, it faithfully captures the characteristics of Taiwan.

In an internet group with over 1 million followers, netizens posted images created using an AI generator. The mood between the photos was fairly consistent, but the reaction to them was not.

Many were impressed with how AI was able to recreate the characteristics of a typical street scene in Taiwan. For example, haphazardly placed objects on sidewalks or cluttered air conditioners. Others laughed or ranted about how the images portrayed the chaos of Taiwan’s streets in an unfiltered, unflattering way for some.

Many locals said they didn’t pay much attention to the chaotic nature of the street in their daily lives. , forcing many to see Taiwan in a new light.

However, other keen viewers pointed out errors such as unclear sentences, three road lines instead of two, or long lines of three parked cars. They say these flaws create a feeling of insecurity known as the “uncanny valley.”

A mix of emotions, these stunning images capturing the fascinating chaos of Taiwan continue the discussion about how AI graphics technology is evolving beyond our wildest expectations.

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