VelocityEHS Invents Breakthrough 3D Ergonomic Assessment Using AI and Machine Learning

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New 3D models for motion capture are activating an era of enhanced risk assessment for musculoskeletal disorders, a leading cause of injury in the workplace.

CHICAGO, July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VelocityEHS®, ​​a global leader in enterprise EHS and ESG software solutions, today announced the next generation of its patented, award-winning industrial ergonomics solution featuring new three-dimensional (3D) models for motion capture. The update leverages cutting-edge research, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and neural network technology to assess musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk in 3D with the highest accuracy and validity on the market.

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In 2018, Velocity acquired Humantech.®is a leader in industrial ergonomics and pioneered the industry's first sensorless 2D motion capture technology. Converting 2D models to 3D models for motion capture breaks new ground in the fight against MSDs, a leading cause of workplace injuries that cost people their livelihoods and businesses billions of dollars annually.

“Employees work in a 3D world, so your ergonomics solutions should work in a 3D world too,” said Dr. Julia Penfield, vice president of research and machine learning at VelocityEHS. “Our new 3D models for motion capture were built specifically to train the technology with our proprietary dataset. Combining AI and ML capabilities with ergonomics expertise improves accuracy and reliability, enhancing the efforts of our most experienced ergonomic professionals. Now, ergonomics team members of all experience levels can achieve expert-level results quickly and easily.”

This new model is the culmination of years of collaboration between Velocity and our team of machine learning experts from the University of Michigan, Rutgers University, and University of Toronto, academic researchers in biomechanics at the University of Cincinnati, and some of the industry's most trusted Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPEs). To bring this model to market, we needed to:

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  • Over 500 videos and 7 million images analyzed
  • Over 1000 hours of manual testing for accuracy
  • Velocity has been quality reviewed by over 20 certified professional ergonomists
  • Extensive field testing with customers

By modeling human body movements in 3D, Velocity's already best-in-class MSD risk assessment sets a new standard for quality and comprehensiveness. It incorporates automated scoring of data for wrist posture, side bending, back twisting, and body parts with obstructed or blocked views. The new model was trained on an in-house developed dataset of the most common occupational tasks, including assembling, lifting, lowering, pushing, and pulling.

“Wrist MSDs are the most common and costly, and accurately measuring this risk can be challenging even for trained ergonomists and has historically been done manually. Automating this process provides consistent, high-quality data and reduces the need for ergonomic team members to undergo extensive training to quantify difficult and highly variable tasks,” said Blake McGowan, CPE and Ergonomic Solutions Executive at Velocity. “We've improved segment angle quantification accuracy by 50% over our previous version, and we capture 100% data and scores for elbows, shoulders, back and neck, even when segments are temporarily occluded.”

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Velocity updates include an interactive posture risk timeline that visualizes the riskiest moments to more effectively analyze the direct causes of MSD risk. The expertise built into the software allows users to select the right controls to address issues before they lead to an MSD. Now, EHS managers and ergonomics teams can efficiently and effectively engage employees in the work improvement process and ensure accountability for implementing corrective actions.

“If companies are serious about reducing MSD risk, this is the place to start,” said Matt Airhart, CEO of Velocity. “Our initial 2D model enables customers to use AI computer vision to assess MSD risk at scale, helping them identify and mitigate risk faster and more accurately than ever before. This update goes far beyond the first version — for those on the front lines, it's potentially life-changing.”

The update will be enabled automatically for current Velocity Ergonomics customers, allowing them to enjoy the same easy workflow they are familiar with: users simply upload video of their workers performing tasks captured on a digital device and the software handles the rest.

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For more information on Velocity’s research team, key ML breakthroughs, and recent patents and publications, see the May 2024 press release, “VelocityEHS Awarded Five AI Patents Published in Nature.” For more information on Velocity’s new 3D models for motion capture and industrial ergonomics solutions, visit HYPERLINK “” \

About VelocityEHS

Trusted by over 10 million users worldwide to improve operational efficiency and achieve superior outcomes, VelocityEHS is the global leader in true SaaS enterprise EHS and ESG technology.® The platform is the definitive gold standard, providing best-in-class software solutions for managing safety, ergonomics, chemical management, contractor management, operational risk, ESG and environmental compliance.

The VelocityEHS team has unmatched industry expertise with more certified professionals in health, safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, sustainability, environment, AI and machine learning than any other EHS software provider. Recognized as a leader in the Verdantix 2023 Green Quadrant analysis by the EHS industry's top independent analysts, VelocityEHS provides industry thought leadership and is committed to accelerating the pace of innovation through its software solutions and vision. Its privacy and security protocols, including SOC2 Type II certification, are among the most rigorous in the industry.

VelocityEHS is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Tampa, Florida, Oakville, Ontario, London, England, Perth, Western Australia and Cork, Ireland. For more information, visit

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