Symph encourages people to develop apps with AI

Applications of AI

Philippine software development consulting firm Symph showcased its (artificial intelligence) AI applications in hopes of encouraging more people to leverage technology and build more applications.

Earlier this year, Symph launched a campaign called “AI 30×30” based on the goal of creating 30 AI-powered apps by April 30th. In this campaign he doubled his goal and built over 60 apps.

“Through ‘Build Openly with AI,’ we let the community try our apps and listen to their feedback,” said Symph COO Jarhey dela Peña. “Together we are building the future we want to create.”

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Symph exposes a new panic fallacy about humans losing their jobs to AI.

“We aim to use AI as a tool to improve working conditions and innovate successfully,” said Shell Gray, director of business development and partnerships at Symph. “Tools like AppGen and Prompeteer enable anyone to create AI apps without coding experience.”

AI apps developed by Symph include:

Grognak is an AI Caveman app that simplifies and deepens understanding of complex topics. This app has great potential for museums, technology and science related events and provides a fun and easy learning experience for children.

Fitplanr is an AI-powered personal trainer app that generates custom gym programs. Fitplanr seamlessly integrates with your gym and fitness amenities to help gym-goers and beginners start training with confidence.

Prompeteer allows users to create AI-powered chatbots without coding. Prompeteer gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their brand and his persona through an AI app, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions through engaging conversations.

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