“Some jobs will disappear…” Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal warns that the biggest impact of AI will be…

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Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal said India can become a global hub for artificial intelligence (AI) jobs by leveraging its vast pool of IT experts to play a more prominent role in the global market.

Agarwal added that AI offers an opportunity to increase economic productivity around the world as many routine tasks will be automated.

“India has tens of millions of IT services professionals and young people who are currently working for clients across the world. Their work productivity can be increased tenfold. So instead of getting one tenth of the jobs, we can bring ten times more jobs to India,” news agency ANI quoted Bhavish Agarwal as saying.

Regarding the impact of AI on the job market, Agarwal said, “It's difficult to quantify, but it can be said that AI will both create new jobs and take away jobs.”

He explained that while productivity gains from AI are expected to lead to job losses in certain sectors, they will also create new opportunities in others.

Agarwal said that in the near future, AI will have the biggest impact on white-collar jobs rather than blue-collar jobs.

“Some jobs will go away and productivity will go up. So I think, in a very simple sense, AI is going to create a lot of new kinds of jobs in the future. As a country and as an ecosystem, we have to create half of those jobs in India.”

The Ola CEO further said, “We cannot achieve this without adopting AI. If we become a leader in AI adoption, the productivity of our economy will increase faster and India will create future AI-related jobs across the world.”

He stressed the importance of open access to data and developing a robust infrastructure, and said India can transform itself into a leading exporter of AI and technology.

“India as a country really needs to become the biggest AI power. In fact, it should become a pure intelligence exporter, a pure AI exporter,” Agarwal added.

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