Salesloft Unveils Generative AI Capabilities to Boost Seller Productivity

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Salesloft Unveils Generative AI Capabilities to Boost Seller Productivity

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Sales Engagement Platform Provider, Salesloft, Unlocks Seller Productivity and Launches a Variety of New Features, Including AI-Generated Text Designed to Help Customers Expand Global Revenue Organizations and Drive Revenue Growth and introduced extensions.

The company also claims to be the first and only revenue workflow provider to offer multilingual support for French, German and Spanish across its platform.

New features include:

  • Create email content faster with new generative text capabilities. Salesloft’s AI provides generative text tools combined with deep knowledge of sales engagement best practices. This tool helps sales reps create more effective email content faster and helps organizations quickly scale best practices with Cadence templates and auto-generated emails. Sellers can now move from blank pages to email her templates with compelling value propositions and calls to action. AI-generated text support enables sellers to unlock productivity so they can spend more time on key sales activities that help build pipelines and close more deals faster. increase.
  • Full platform multilingual support: The Salesloft platform is currently French, German, SpanishIn addition to native language colloquial translation, the platform’s localization also includes date/time formats and currencies to support global businesses with cross-regional sales activities. Enabling sellers to conduct business in their native language increases day-to-day efficiency, increases trust between sellers and buyers, accelerates sales cycles, reduces start-up time for new sellers, and increases customer Achieve your revenue goals more easily.

Nicolas Ferreira, Head of Inside Sales at JobTeaser, said:

“Salesloft has already been a game-changer in helping us reach our goals. Having the Salesloft platform available in the native language of our revenue team has increased seller productivity and improved the sales process. We are really excited about what this means for our business and our ability to reach our goals.”

Ellie Fields, Salesloft Chief Product and Engineering Officer, said: There is great potential to make sellers’ workflows easier and more effective, and that’s the mission of the Sales Loft product team. This includes a new results dashboard that helps account executives and managers get a complete picture of their efforts.

“We are introducing AI-generated text to help Salesloft customers realize value faster. We are releasing localizations for our multilingual platform. And our team continues to add features to Conversations and Predictions, including major updates in this release.”

Other platform enhancements include:

  • Improve business outcomes with enhanced outcomes dashboards. The Results Dashboard now gives you a more detailed view of the metrics that impact your revenue goals. Frontline managers and sales leaders can now track team and individual performance against key outcomes such as revenue closed, opportunities created, and meetings booked. You can also drill down into additional layers of detail to understand what’s driving your performance and where you need more help to improve your results.
  • Get more out of your conversations: Make it easier for your customers to have their voice heard in your sales workflow. A new layout lets you quickly extract meeting insights with fewer clicks. Call durations are displayed alongside video recordings, and transcripts auto-scroll along with recordings, so salesHer manager can see exactly what he’s looking for, all in one view.
  • Conversation API integration for Microsoft Teams: The upcoming integration will allow Microsoft Teams users to eliminate meeting bots for an enterprise-grade experience with improved performance and reliability.
  • Additional forecasting capabilities for complex GTM scenarios: release of Sales loft forecast Last year, Salesloft customers were able to get real-time visibility into their pipeline, turn insights into action, and call a number their team could provide. Customers now have greater flexibility to forecast by segments such as new bookings, churn, renewals, regions, customer profiles and product types. Customers can also forecast through confidence levels including ‘best case’ or ‘committed’, projections for future periods, and scenario planning by excluding deals that are not expected to close within a given time period . Together, Salesloft helps you forecast with confidence, regardless of how your customer organization sells.

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