Remake XR after AI sucks the air out of the Metaverse

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This was the slowest, least dramatic news week for XR since I started this column in October 2017. The AI ​​sucks all oxygen out of the room. I posted five of his Forbes stories on AI this week, including this one. It’s not because I’m not interested in XR. AI feels more urgent right now.

On Friday morning’s “This Week In XR” podcast, co-host and Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz said:AI is what XR has been waiting for.Paramount Global futurist and co-host Ted Shirowitz said: Apple Mixed Reality headsets change the way everyone thinks.’ He should know. he saw it

it is possible After the AI ​​sucks the air out of the metaverse, it remakes it. We literally speak the world into existence.

^^ This new Snapchat Lens is a virtual try-on of an artist’s concept for Apple’s new Reality One XR headset. ^^

When a restaurant or other establishment contacts you saying, “I haven’t seen you in a while!” Email If you receive her message, you know you must be hurting your customers. In this case, the product is a free social VR platform that offers a multitude of experiences of varying quality. Social VR is cumbersome and many platforms fail. This particular VR and PC platform lacks a creator economy to incentivize builders, and clearly lacks scalable enterprise applications. They are reportedly working on a mobile app to help others. Their sole revenue comes from a community of power users who pay membership fees for enhanced features. . The company had raised a lot of money in the heat of the moment, and when I get this email, I wonder what’s really going on.

Fighting climate change with XR tech and $100,000. AWE has announced a contest to award $100,000 to the best XR concept that fights climate change. Winners will be announced at the AWE Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, California. May 30th to June 2nd. Over 150 teams have submitted projects. AWE is of This year’s XR event, Over 5,000 people attended. The conference is definitely focused on the impact of AI. I would love to see your demo and hear your ideas about the new features AI brings to her XR application. How will this affect the developing metaverse? Big companies like Apple, Meta, Google, and Microsoft have their own conferences and don’t exhibit, but have a few executives on the panel. are participating. The result was increased visibility for his sponsors Qualcomm, Unity and Niantic. Apple’s XR device announcement is expected to take place a week later at the WWDC conference on June 5th. That would create interesting dynamics for AWE.

Releasing sandbox location-based VR Shard: Dragon Fire. In a free-roaming VR experience, users are physically together inside a large black box wearing a VR headset and a body tracker. This is the only true full-body VR experience. you are free to roam warehouse scale. You can’t do this at home. nothing like that. Fellow players are fully mapped avatars. Players use weapons and magic to succeed in this multiplayer game. The game is different every time to enhance repeat play.Also features a sandbox Star Trek and several other experiences at 35 locations.

This week’s XR is also a podcast It will be hosted by Ted Schilowitz, the author of this column, Futurist, Paramount Global, and Rony Abovitz, founder of Magic Leap. This week’s hosts are their own guests, focusing on AI news and how it positively impacts XR. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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AI-powered characters change the game This is not unrelated to the AI ​​story above. You may create AI characters and change their memories.

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