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New Delhi: With the steady growth of languages ​​on the Internet and the growing need to increase the productivity of human translators, Process9 – India’s leading language localization technology company, has developed computer-based solutions for translators and language service providers (LSPs) Assisted Translation (CAT) system launched. ) community.

Power-packed, MoxWords is a complete solution for quickly and easily translating any type of document, saving almost 40% of your time and effort. World-class features such as machine translation support, elimination of repetitive content, spell checking, terminology management, project management, and translation memory creation are all included. Its workflow greatly increases the efficiency of project managers, translators and quality reviewers.

MoxWords can be used to translate over 10 different document formats including MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, XML, XLIFF and PDF. The tool automatically handles document formatting, saving valuable time and effort in post-production work for translation projects. MoxWords also supports 80 Indian and international languages.

International tools have little or no support for Indic fonts and typing, spell checking, and glossary support, but Made in India and Made for India MoxWords offers all these features in Indic languages. and international languages ​​available at India friendly prices. .

MoxWords is now available on Process9’s own website at special introductory pricing for Indic language service providers.

Process9 CTO Devendra Joshi said:

With over 60 years of experience, Process9 has built unparalleled expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI/ML to create localized solutions and bring success to companies of all sizes and industries. rice field.

About Process9:

Process Nine Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian B2B language localization technology company that develops AI/ML technologies to simplify and automate access to digital information and multilingual communication on internet and mobile. increase. Their focus is on delivering innovative and user-friendly solutions to transform the way businesses operate and engage with customers. For more information, please visit

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