OpenAI Sora-Rival Gen-3 Alpha text video generator by Runway AI is now available to everyone. Learn more.

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Runway AI's Gen-3 Alpha text video generator is now available for everyone. Runway AI unveiled a rival to OpenAI Sora with powerful video generation capabilities on June 17, 2024. The company also shared multiple videos of up to 10 seconds to showcase the capabilities of the Gen-3 Alpha text video maker. This text video maker allows users to bring their imagination to life in the form of videos. Runway AI's video generator tool is available on its official website. With Gen-3 Alpha and Ernie text video maker, OpenAI Sora will be facing competition. Apple Intelligence coming to Vision Pro next year, with upgraded version of Siri and advanced AI tools: Report.

Runway AI's Gen-3 Alpha is now available to everyone:

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