New YouTube policy lets you request removal of AI-generated content using your likeness

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YouTube quietly added a new policy last month that allows users to request the removal of content that includes AI-generated likenesses of themselves. The new privacy violation policy: TechCrunch's Sara Perez said the technology could flag videos that “use AI to alter or create synthetic content that looks like you or resembles you.”

YouTube says several factors determine whether it considers removing it, including whether the content is altered or synthetic (and disclosed as such) and whether it is readily identifiable or realistic as the person in question.

The company also considers whether it could be considered parody or satire. Another factor is whether it features the celebrity (or other public figures) engaging in “sensitive behavior,” such as depicting crime or violence or endorsing a product or political candidate. TechCrunch It points to the vital importance of the latter in this pivotal election year.

The new policy applies to YouTube's privacy violations, not misleading content. The company now requires first-party claims in most cases. The most notable exceptions are when an individual is a minor, does not have access to a computer, or is deceased.

YouTube gives the alleged violator 48 hours to respond to the complaint. If it's removed within that time frame, the issue is resolved. If it's not removed, YouTube will review it.

The documentation makes it clear that removing means completely deleting (and removing a person's name and personal information from the title, description, and tags, if applicable). Blurring faces is another option. It also explains that making a clip private isn't allowed, because that would make it easy for the contributor to make it public again.

YouTube didn't heavily promote the change, but it alluded to it when it announced its policy on AI-generated videos earlier this year. At the time, the company promised, “As we previously announced, in parallel, we continue to work on updating our privacy processes to enable users to request removal of AI-generated or other synthetic or altered content that mimics your face, voice, or other identifiable features.”

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