New West entrepreneur uses ChatGPT to launch new e-book

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New Local Content Marketing Studio Studio3 Experiments Using AI for Content Creation, Launches New E-Book

In the time it takes to watch 5 episodes of InheritanceNew West’s new content marketing studio Studio3 owner Sarah Campbell has published an e-book on the basics of content marketing.

content marketing 101 Co-authored by Campbell and ChatGPT in about 5 hours.

At first, Campbell was “upset” about using technology rumored to replace humans in content creation. Nevertheless, she decided to venture into her little-known world of AI (artificial intelligence) and commission ChatGPT to write a book.

ChatGPT wrote the three-chapter book (about 1.5 pages, 515 words) in less than a minute, and wrote the introduction and conclusion, she said.

Following that first stint, “we evolved the instructions we gave ChatGPT and tried different tactics,” she said.

“From version 7 onwards, I often edit and write by myself.”

In the process, Campbell said that ChatGPT helped “outline and create some of the basic bones and meat”, but that “there are clearly limitations when it comes to real-life examples, modern benchmarks, etc. I realized that there is.

Ultimately, it saved about 10 to 25 hours of research and compiling information, but a book written entirely by AI bots would have been “boring and basic,” says Campbell. says Mr.

The writing process reassured Campbell that AI was just a tool for creating content. She said it will not replace humans, especially at the current stage.

“I think there’s a level of relationships that’s missing.”

But Campbell believes that creative people like her will make the most of new technology. It’s the same when she wrote an e-book aimed at introducing small businesses to the basics of content marketing.

The book is just one of many projects her two-week-old studio has planned to help local entrepreneurs.

Content production support for local companies

Studio3’s “Creative Collective” includes Campbell, an expert in digital advertising, writing, social media and photography, as well as eight local subcontractors.

“Depending on what your project is, we can build your team,” she said.

“The biggest reason I wanted to start a studio now was that I felt there was a gap between agency and business functions,” she said.

Companies pay to get content from creative agencies, but they don’t get the ROI (return on investment). These companies needed more than “cool” content. It also needed a strategy for displaying and distributing that content, she said.

Studio3’s focus is New Westminster small businesses. Having worked for the Business Improvement Association (BIA), Tourism New West, and the Arts Council of New Westminster, Campbell has seen changes in the city’s emerging neighborhoods over the years.

“When I started working here 10 years ago, we were planning a lot of weddings. We have a cool little dessert place and a merchandise company. There are a lot of great people doing great things,” she said.

Through her fledgling studio, she plans to offer a variety of services to startups in addition to free resources such as workshops, webinars, and an upcoming e-book.

“There’s no better place to start and empower and grow the small company that makes the New West what it is.”

Log in to the Studio3 website to attend LinkedIn Social Selling Workshops and more. Keep an eye out for the studio’s upcoming e-book on content marketing, co-authored with ChatGPT.

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