Looking for a $2,000 Quarter? The AI-Powered 3 Coins App Can Help

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If you find a rare coin in your pocket change, you may be able to purchase a new suit. Historically important coins in short supply can sometimes be worth thousands of dollars. But finding these unique coins is not easy. Identifying rare coins can take hours of research. It used to be, before there were AI-powered apps that let you find rare coins in seconds.

Consider the following apps to help you scavenger hunt for your next precious coin.

coin snap

Launched last fall, CoinSnap leverages AI-powered image recognition technology to reveal the collectible value of pennies, 10 cents, 15 cents and other coins. All you need to do is take a picture (with your smartphone) of both sides of the coin. The app then detects the coin’s date and mining origin. This is the information you need to assess whether a coin is worth more than it looks. The app also tells you the average value of your coins today.

coin scope

The Coinscope mobile app works very similar to CoinSnap. The user takes a picture of the coin with the phone’s camera. But here things are a little different. The app will show a list of similar coins. Then clicking on any of the coins will display additional information in his web browser on your smartphone. This information will help you quickly determine if the coin is of significant value.

PCGS Coin Fact

The PCGS CoinFacts app advertises a huge library centered around every coin. Even if you’re just interested in coins for their history (not necessarily their modern value), this is the app for you. The coin collecting mobile app gives you access to coin values, coin counts, auction prices and more for over 40,000 US coins. Instantly reveal all this information using photos and barcode scanning.

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