LinkedIn tests AI tool to help users write profiles and job descriptions

AI Basics

LinkedIn is the latest company to join the generative AI game with new tools for LinkedIn Premium users and businesses.

In a blog post on its website, the company announced a number of moves to bring AI into the professional network. In addition to unlocking more than 100 of his LinkedIn Learning courses for all users, LinkedIn said it also plans to release 20 new courses focused on generative AI.

“From the fundamentals of AI to advanced applications, these courses will help members gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing market,” the company said. You can learn about AI, but LinkedIn is so much more. He also announced that he will be using OpenAI’s GPT model to test generative AI capabilities, allowing users to create summary and headline sections of profiles and companies to create job descriptions.

  • We are testing new tools for LinkedIn Premium subscribers to make creating your profile easier and more effective.
  • We’re testing a new AI-powered job description tool that makes creating job descriptions faster and easier.

Both features are currently in testing and it’s not clear when they will be available to everyone, but even if I was a bettor I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they are available soon. LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft, will host another AI event on Thursday, March 16, with a focus on business applications. According to the announcement, the event will focus on how the company “reinvents productivity with AI” and how artificial intelligence “brings new ways of working for every individual and organization.”

Microsoft isn’t just bringing AI to its business tools, it’s also bringing 3D avatars to its messaging app, Teams. We also recently added a new Bing-powered sidebar to Edge for all users.

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