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Intozi uses its expertise in computer vision, deep learning, machine learning and IoT to power smart cities, manufacturing, traffic management, retail and warehousing. Virender JosanFounder and MD of Intozi explains how AI video analytics is transforming the digital landscape and providing customised solutions across sectors.

At the core of Intozi's offering is IKSHANA, an enterprise video analytics platform with 99+ applications serving diverse use cases. Offering seamless development and real-time management, IKSHANA enables businesses to rapidly adapt to today's dynamic environment.

What is the founder's vision and Intozi's unique story?

Intozi was founded in 2019. It was born from a clear vision inspired by a real-life problem faced by my co-founder Naresh. He noticed that a huge amount of revenue was being leaked due to fraudulent sales transactions at his friend's startup. This problem gave rise to the idea to automate customer identification through video analytics and prevent such monetary loss.

With a background in advanced technologies such as computer vision, particularly through his work on advanced driver assistance systems, Naresh was well prepared to dive deep into the potential applications of video analytics. When he confided his problem to me, there was an immediate empathy and we began working together to explore and solve this challenge.

Together, we envisioned leveraging video analytics to solve business challenges in different verticals. At the time, existing solutions did not effectively address the specific problem they were trying to solve, so an alternative needed to be developed. Despite limited resources, we spent a few months creating a prototype. By early 2019, our solution had been successfully deployed and had significantly reduced revenue leakage in several stores. This initial success strengthened our resolve to further explore the application of video analytics in real-world scenarios.

What practical applications does Intozi provide to its customers?

Below are some of the practical applications we provide to our clients:

Fence Jump Detection: Providing real-time monitoring, this AI-powered system quickly identifies unauthorized attempts to breach fences, enhancing security in protected areas.

Object Counting: The solution counts and detects various types of objects in real time with high accuracy and efficiency, improving traffic flow and crowd management to increase operational efficiency.

Human Detection: Providing real-time alerts and high accuracy, the system's customizable privacy settings and crowd monitoring ensure comprehensive monitoring that can adapt to diverse security needs.

People Counting: Accurately tracking visitor numbers in real time enables efficient crowd management and resource allocation to optimize staff allocation and improve customer experience.

Smoke and Fire Detection: This ability to efficiently identify fire and smoke outbreaks with real-time alerts and high accuracy improves safety during critical situations, protecting occupants and assets from potential fire hazards.

Intrusion Detection: Providing real-time alerts and accurate identification of potential threats, this AI-powered feature strengthens your overall security posture and effectively mitigates risks in a variety of environments.

Crowd Management: Through video feed analytics, the solution effectively manages crowds in a variety of settings, optimizing crowd flow, increasing safety and improving the overall customer experience during events and in public areas.

Process monitoring: Analyzing workflow processes captured through video feeds in real time, this AI-driven solution identifies inefficiencies, streamlines operations, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

Fall and Slip Detection: Powered by advanced computer vision technology, this system quickly identifies accidents in real time, helping to reduce the risk of injury and liability in a variety of environments.

Facial Recognition: Powered by cutting-edge facial recognition technology, this feature accurately identifies individuals from video streams to drive personalized customer experiences, enhance security, and enable targeted marketing efforts while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Emotion Detection: The system analyzes facial expressions in real time and infers emotional states in applications in retail, security and healthcare environments to provide insights into customer satisfaction, detect suspicious behavior and assess patient health.

How is Intozi transforming video analytics through the magic of AI?

Intozi is revolutionizing video analytics with cutting-edge AI technology, enabling businesses to efficiently extract actionable insights from video data. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Intozi's platform automates the analysis of massive amounts of video footage to identify patterns, objects, and activities with high accuracy. This automation reduces the need for manual monitoring, saving time and resources.

Our versatile AI-driven solutions serve a wide range of industries. Thanks to the continuous learning capabilities of our platform, AI models become more accurate over time and adapt to new data and scenarios. This dynamic approach not only improves performance but also opens up new possibilities for innovation in video analytics.

What type of customers are you targeting and why?

We have partnered with industry leaders like Honeywell, JCI, Genetec, Intel, Nvidia, AWS, Dell, Milestone etc, reflecting our commitment to providing cutting edge solutions. Our clients span multiple verticals, from traffic enforcement to safety and security. Some of the prominent names include Tata Steel, Ministry of Defence, Aditya Birla Group, Bharat Petroleum, Larsen and Toubro, Maharashtra Police, Delhi Police, Haryana Police, Chennai and Kerala Police.

Tell us more about IKSHANA.

IKSHANA is Intozi's flagship product. It is an enterprise video analytics platform that enables seamless development, scaling, and management of real-time computer vision and deep learning applications. IKSHANA boasts of 99+ video analytics applications, catering to a wide range of use cases across multiple domains. It gives users the flexibility to run any video analytics application on any video source, providing freedom and customization options to enterprises.

What is Intozi’s USP?

Intozi's platform gives users the flexibility to run any video analytics application on any video source, providing freedom and customization options for businesses. Seamless integrations improve safety measures and provide timely alerts and reliable insights for informed decision-making. Our cloud video management system provides remote access to your video surveillance system from any device with an internet connection, ensuring real-time monitoring and rapid response to security issues.

How has Intozi grown in the market?

Intozi started as a startup in the video analytics space in 2019. Since then, we have grown rapidly. By 2024, we had established a strong customer base of 100+ clients and had signed 10 key partnerships with global MSI and VMS companies. Our team has expanded from 3 to 35 people. Today, we are one of the top 5 video analytics companies in India specializing in safety and security. Initially focused on traffic and transportation, we have now expanded to manufacturing, data centers, oil and gas, warehousing, and more.

What does the future hold for Intozi?

Since its inception, Intozi has established a significant presence in the market and is poised for continued growth due to its innovation, strategic partnerships and commitment to diverse clients. The company is committed to reshaping the AI ​​video analytics landscape and contributing to the positive transformation of industries around the world.

Learn more about the vital role of video analytics in improving safety in smart cities, traffic management, and more.

Video analytics plays a key role in enhancing safety measures in smart cities, traffic management systems, and many other areas. In smart cities, video analytics can monitor crowded areas, detect anomalies, and identify potential security threats, allowing authorities to respond quickly to incidents and ensure public safety.

In traffic management systems, video analytics can optimize traffic flow, detect accidents and congestion, and enforce traffic regulations. By analyzing video feeds from surveillance cameras, authorities can implement proactive measures to ease traffic congestion and increase road safety. Additionally, video analytics supports predictive maintenance by monitoring infrastructure such as bridges and roads to detect signs of wear, helping to prevent accidents and maintain structural integrity.

In industrial and commercial environments, video analytics improves workplace safety by identifying safety hazards and enforcing compliance with safety protocols.

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