Instagram and Facebook to display 'AI information' on posts after backlash against 'Made by AI' labels

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Meta updated its artificial intelligence (AI) content detection label from “Created with AI” to “AI Info” on Monday. The announcement came just days after several Instagram influencers and photographers criticized the social media giant for falsely labeling their original posts as AI-generated content. In a post, Meta acknowledged that the previous label fell short of people's expectations and didn't provide enough context. The company now hopes that the new label will clear up confusion while providing context about images and videos that have been edited using AI tools.

Meta changes AI content detection label to “AI Information”

The company updated an older post that highlighted its efforts in labeling AI-generated content, emphasizing that posts will no longer be labeled “Made with AI” but will instead be tagged “AI Info.” However, Meta will continue to flag posts that have had minor edits made using AI tools. A few users have started seeing the new labels, but Gadgets 360 was unable to confirm it. The new labels will likely be visible to all users in the coming days.

Users can also click on the AI ‚Äč‚Äčlabel to get more information about it. Tapping on it opens a sheet at the bottom that says, “Generative AI may have been used to create or edit the content of this post.” It also shares information about what Generative AI is for users who are not familiar with the technology.

According to the post, Meta will detect if something was created with the help of AI by using industry-standard metrics that other companies incorporate into content created using their tools. Notably, some of these metrics include standards from the Content Provenance and Authenticity Coalition (C2PA) and the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC).

Undetectable AI images Instagram Undetectable AI generated images

AI-generated images that won't be detected on Instagram

The social media giant also stressed that it is working with companies across industries to improve its AI labeling process to better align with companies' intent, but as Gadgets 360 found, a large amount of AI-generated images still goes undetected by its tools.

There are also concerns that overuse of the “AI information” label to flag images that have been altered using AI could dilute the real purpose behind it, which is to identify deepfakes and manipulative AI content.

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