Innodisk Unveils New Brand Strategy at Computex 2024, Expanding Edge AI Applications and Intelligent Solutions

Applications of AI

Innodisk, a leading global AI solutions provider, will showcase a comprehensive range of new products focused on Edge AI at Computex 2024. Key highlights include industry-leading CXL 2.0 memory expansion, E3.S SSDs, and innovative MIPI over Type-C camera technology for machine vision.

Live demonstrations of smart manufacturing PPE recognition and intelligent people tracking will highlight Innodisk's custom edge AI capabilities. The event also unveiled Innodisk's new brand vision, “Architect Intelligence,” showcasing the company's commitment to building intelligent solutions with partners around the world.

Expanding industrial product line to meet AI and edge serving standards

Reliable, high-performance memory and storage are essential for AI and edge computing, especially as edge servers evolve to require high data throughput and resiliency in harsh environments. At Computex, Innodisk will unveil its first industrial-grade CXL 2.0 memory expansion, which adheres to advanced industry standards and offers high scalability.

The exhibit will feature the award-winning E1.S Gen4 SSD series as well as wide-temperature SSDs tailored for edge servers, such as the E1.S/E3.S, available in various form factors, including a 16TB high-capacity SSD designed to meet evolving storage needs.

In addition, Innodisk's recent focus on embedded camera modules for AI machine vision development is essential for the evolution of edge AI applications. The innovative “MIPI over Type-C” camera technology, which debuted at Computex, converts signals through a dedicated adapter board design, increasing platform compatibility and significantly extending the length of MIPI camera cables.

This enables applications in areas such as autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and shared mobility. Innodisk will also be showcasing its full line of camera module products for USB and MIPI interfaces.

Innodisk to showcase proprietary MIPI over Type-C technology at Computex 2024

Innodisk to showcase proprietary MIPI over Type-C technology at Computex 2024

AI in Action: Smart City and Industrial Applications

Beyond industrial modules, Innodisk integrates its AI computing technology with software, hardware and third-party technologies to create a variety of edge AI solutions. At Computex, Innodisk will showcase “InnoTracking”, a smart people tracking solution that can accurately identify and track specific individuals across multiple cameras and time frames to enhance public safety in cities, financial institutions, entertainment venues and retail spaces.

Under the simultaneous trends of ESG and industrial automation, worker safety in hazardous environments has become a key focus for enterprises. Innodisk's PPE recognition solution uses an FPGA platform to simultaneously process real-time images from four cameras to ensure workers continue to adhere to safety protocols. In the event of a violation, the system will promptly notify supervisors with detailed information to initiate appropriate responses.

The “iCAP Air” air quality management solution addresses ESG requirements by combining patented air quality detection technology with sensors, edge servers, cloud management interfaces and IoT ventilation controllers, making the solution suitable for smart factories and healthcare facilities, and enabling real-time intelligent decision-making.

“The Intelligence of the Architect” – Innodsk's brand strategy for the AI ​​era

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Innodisk has elevated its brand and become a global leader in product technology. The new “Architect Intelligence” concept is aligned with Innodisk's Edge AI strategy, focusing on the practical implementation of AI at the industrial edge.

Under this concept, Innodisk has consolidated its various product lines into nine intelligent series, each represented in different colors, symbolizing the infinite possibilities of AI applications and Innodisk's innovative spirit. Furthermore, these colored blocks represent the flexibility of the solutions and the company's commitment to co-designing AI solutions with customers.

See the future of Edge AI in action. To learn more, visit Innodisk at Booth J0110, 1st Floor, Hall 1, Nangang Exhibition Center from June 4 to June 7.

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