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Completed over 20 in-depth interviews with HR technology vendors to understand their AI strategy. I think the results will be dramatic, as I explain in the video below. Not only is the vendor reinventing the product, but his new AI-centric system has a completely different architecture, user interface, and design.

It’s still early days, but I believe AI (especially generative AI) will fundamentally change the landscape of HR Tech.not only the system intelligent by designfeatures a powerful conversational user interface, incorporates multiple AI models, and introduces new disruptors.

I divide vendors into three categories, as explained below. A person adding his AI “features” to an existing system. and people who don’t know what to do.

This over time New technology platform (I use AI new technology platform, as important as cloud and mobile) will help reinvent the capabilities of HR technology. And this new age of HR Tech will be more useful, more important, and more “integrated” than ever before.

And on top of the changes you’ll see in the HR Tech product and interface, we’re adding another new feature. It’s the ability to see how many “pieces” of HR (and management techniques) are put together. His integrated, AI-centric HCM system should help practice what we call systemic HR. This means understanding the role of skills, culture, diversity, pay and other factors in improving recruitment, development, internal mobility, job design, productivity and growth.

We will continue to explore these transformations with our vendors. I look forward to speaking with you to understand your perspective.

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