Google Maps Is A Potential Killer App In This AI Era

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Conversational search is about to be incredibly useful and well-tuned across maps, points of interest, personalization, geolocation, and rich content.

— Rafat Ali

I’m back with another short video summarizing my thoughts on AI+Travel.part 1, part 2 and part 3 I have.

Let’s talk about Google Maps, the most used app when traveling, and what happens when you add a conversational AI element to it. Or at Waze, also owned by Google.

In April 2019, we took a deep dive into the Western superapp, Google Maps. Despite the lack of messages and payments, the service has become an almost ubiquitous utility. la WeChat or Grab.

My argument in the video below: Maps powered by conversational AI will be an even more dominant app than they are today, making them incredibly useful and personalized. Imagine a Google LLM (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) trained on a huge repository of location, navigation, review and user intent data. This allows for threaded conversations with your app, overlaid on the map in a visual way.

This makes finding the right restaurant, hotel, attraction, etc. more relevant based on the history already established in Maps. The video explains how.

Earlier this year, Google announced it would use AI to create immersive views within the Maps app. This means a new way of visual representation. Combine it with a chatbot and you have a new super app.

I can’t wait to see when Google does this. Or anyone else thinking of combining conversational AI + geolocation + visual representation.

Scott Baker said in a comment to my LinkedIn post about this over the weekend: This is the way! I’ve been thinking about his 2019 article by Dennis Schaal since 2019. :)”

Photo credit: Google Maps could be the next killer app when paired closely with conversational AI. The photo is of the city view.

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