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Google and Meta point out the risks of AI in business

Two of the world's largest technology companies, Google and Meta, have highlighted potential risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) in financial filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Business Insider reports.

Source: Bloomberg

Concerns about Meta’s AI

Facebook's parent company, Meta, has expressed notable concerns about the development and use of AI. In a filing with the SEC, Meta said:

“The development and implementation of AI involves significant risks, and there can be no assurance that our use of AI will improve our products or services or deliver efficiencies, profitability or other benefits to our business.”

The warning statement reflects the uncertainties and potential drawbacks that AI technology may pose to a company's business and revenue.

Alphabet's Ethical and Legal Challenges

Google's parent company, Alphabet, raised similar concerns in a financial filing, noting that its AI products and services “raise ethical, technical and legal challenges that could negatively impact brand and demand.” Alphabet's acknowledgment of these issues hints at broader societal and regulatory implications of AI that could affect consumer trust and the company's market position.

Specific risks identified by major technology companies

Several major technology companies, including Meta, Microsoft, and Oracle, listed AI-related risks in the risk factors section of the report. These companies identified specific concerns that could arise from the use of generative AI technology, such as the potential for AI to spread false or misleading information, which is a major concern. Meta highlighted this risk, noting that generative AI could contribute to the spread of harmful content.

AI technologies may unintentionally infringe intellectual property rights, leading to legal issues and financial liability. Meta and Microsoft recognize this as an important concern. Additionally, AI systems are vulnerable to advanced security threats. Microsoft noted that generative AI may be susceptible to attacks by sophisticated cybercriminals, which could compromise the integrity and security of AI applications.

The use of AI has the potential to infringe on user privacy, potentially leading to regulatory scrutiny and fines, and Meta highlighted the risks associated with privacy violations in its SEC filing.

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