Generative AI will usher in a new future for business

AI For Business

  • Nearly all business leaders agree AI will play a key role
  • Globally, 40% of work hours will be supported by language-based AI

Accenture Technology Vision 2023: Generative AI opens up a new future for business

Generative AI and other rapidly evolving technologies are ushering in a new future for businesses that link the physical and digital worlds, according to new research from Accenture.

Accenture Technology Vision 2023, When Atoms Meet Bits: The Foundations of Our New Reality, explores the technology trends underpinning the convergence of the physical and digital as companies look to accelerate their reinvention here and now.

Accenture Technology Vision 2023: Generative AI opens up a new future for business“The next decade will be defined by three mega technology trends: cloud, metaverse and AI,” said Paul Daugherty. (photograph)Group Chief Executive of Accenture Technologies.

Peter Yuan, technology lead for Southeast Asia at Accenture, said: We’ve built a rich and meaningful digital world, but haven’t been able to make it really fit in with the physical world. The next wave of business transformation will erase the boundaries between these worlds, merging them into a new reality. The goal is not incremental improvement, but step change towards complete reinvention. Nearly all ASEAN executives (99%) agree that investments in emerging technologies help maintain organizational resilience, so the trends shown in our report indicate that companies are reinventing Accelerate your business, reimagine your products and services, and chart a path to explore additional opportunities. growth”.

The explosive rise of ChatGPT has brought the world’s attention to the power of generative AI to augment human capabilities. Accenture estimates that 40% of all work hours globally will be supported or enhanced by language-based AI. Among business leaders, 99% of Singapore and ASEAN executives (compared to 98% of global executives) agree that AI-infrastructure models will play an important role in their organization’s strategy over the next 3-5 years. I’m here.

  • Generative AI: Improving the ability of humans as co-pilots, creative partners, or advisors.

    Accenture Technology Vision 2023: Generative AI opens up a new future for business

    • 98% of nearly all Singapore executives (ASEAN: 99%; Global: 98%) agree that generative AI will spark critical creativity and innovation, ushering in a new era of enterprise intelligence.

    • The biggest risks to AI implementations for Singapore executives include stakeholder backlash, reliance on AI-based model creators, and improper application of technology. For ASEAN executives, the biggest adoption risks include improper application of technology, escalating or increasing costs, and stakeholder backlash.

  • Digital Identity: The ability to authenticate digital users and assets, and the foundation for crossing the digital and physical worlds.

  • Your data, my data, our data: AI cannot reach its full potential until businesses understand their data. This means breaking down data silos and modernizing your data foundation.

  • Our Eternal Frontier: The feedback loop between science and technology is getting faster and faster, accelerating each other’s progress.

Accenture Technology Vision 2023: Generative AI opens up a new future for business

  • So much so that 99% of Singapore executives (ASEAN: 96%; Global: 94%) describe the speed of innovation the industry is experiencing as accelerating or unprecedented due to advances in science and technology.

Accenture’s research is based on a survey of 4,777 C-level executives and directors in 34 countries, including 320 ASEAN respondents across 15 industries.

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