Comcast Partners with Eagle Eye Networks (C2RO) for AI Video Analytics

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PHILADELPHIA — Comcast Smart Solutions, a division of Comcast specializing in smart technology for businesses and communities, announced it has expanded its strategic relationship with Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO to offer customers a new range of artificial intelligence (AI) video analytics solutions.

“As technology continues to innovate and the industry continues to face new challenges, organizations must reevaluate how they use and manage their video and analytics systems,” said Michael Slovin, vice president and general manager, Comcast Smart Solutions. “By strengthening our relationship with Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO, two video analytics leaders that offer highly valuable and complementary products, we can provide our clients with more powerful and flexible solutions. Our goal is to provide broader access to video analytics and AI-powered technologies that can provide them with the data, insights and real-time alerts they need – everything from consumer behavior and inventory declines to traffic patterns and license plate readings – and this is just the beginning.”

According to Comcast, Comcast Business and Xfinity Communities customers, including municipalities, commercial and residential properties, retail stores, fast-casual and quick-service restaurants (QSR) and others, can now take advantage of Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO's AI video analytics tools and cloud-based platform.

The Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO solution offers many benefits:

• Enhanced security and smart search

● Data Privacy Compliance

● Cost reduction

● Deeper understanding of customer experience

Eagle Eye Networks simplifies AI video analytics and video footage management with a secure cloud-based storage and software platform. The company's AI video analytics solutions effectively address security and operational challenges across multiple sites, protect data in its own data centers, and integrate with existing camera infrastructure, making it suitable for municipalities as well as apartment complexes, commercial buildings, mixed-use buildings and their businesses.

“Business owners, smart cities and commercial facilities are increasingly turning to cloud video surveillance equipped with AI and video analytics for business intelligence and security. Eagle Eye Networks is pleased to partner with Comcast Smart Solutions to provide powerful video analytics tools that help make business more efficient and the world safer,” said Dean Drako, CEO and founder, Eagle Eye Networks.

C2RO complements that with advanced AI video analytics. C2RO's technology provides detailed and accurate learnings about specific customer behavior while prioritizing anonymity and compliance with the strictest data privacy regulations. C2RO's solutions address challenges across a wide range of industry sectors, including retail, shopping centers and hospitality.

“We are extremely proud and excited to partner with Comcast Smart Solutions and Eagle Eye Networks to expand the reach of our AI-based analytics and anti-theft software solutions within Comcast Business and Xfinity Communities,” said Riccardo Badalone, CEO of C2RO. “Customers will directly benefit from the combined resources and highly complementary solutions of our three organizations, enabling them to maximize the benefits of AI-driven video analytics solutions.”

Comcast Business and Xfinity Communities customers looking to reevaluate and enhance their video surveillance and analytics systems now have access to Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO video analytics solutions.

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