Clio and Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute partner to advance AI-powered legal tech

Machine Learning

This week, Clio announced a partnership with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute.

Clio, a Vancouver-born cloud-based legal technology provider, will be collaborating with the Edmonton research lab known as Amii on a range of projects centred around a “shared commitment to innovation and excellence in legal technology.”

Specifically, the BC company will leverage Amii’s expertise to further enhance its artificial intelligence-enabled product lineup.

“This partnership marks a major step forward for our AI initiatives,” believes Jonathan Watson, Clio's technology director.

Watson said Clio is “excited to integrate AI in a way that optimizes the legal process, making advanced technology a seamless and valuable tool for legal professionals around the world.”

“Clio's goal is to push the boundaries of technology,” the CTO said. “We're dedicated to applying advanced AI solutions to create tangible benefits that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of legal operations.”

Headquartered in Vancouver for many years, Clio was originally founded in Edmonton in 2008, so the partnership was a natural fit.

In fact, Clio’s Chief Executive Jack Newton completed a Master’s in Machine Learning under the tutelage of Amii Fellow and Canadian CIFAR AI Chair Russ Greener.

The long-standing collaboration “directly combines Clio's leadership with Amii's academic and technical capabilities,” according to a statement from Newton's company.

It is hoped that this collaboration will “strengthen economic and academic synergies in Edmonton and beyond.”

“Amii is pleased to partner with Clio, a recognized pioneer in legal technology, on a project that will significantly expand the application of AI in the legal sector,” said Cam Linke, CEO of Amii.

Founded in 2002, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute is Canada's oldest AI research institute and one of three AI research centres in the country as part of the Pan-Canadian AI strategy.

“This collaboration represents the convergence of our two companies' shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology,” Linke continued. “By combining our AI research capabilities with Clio's industry-leading platform, we aim to significantly advance the way legal services are delivered, improving the experience for both practitioners and clients.”

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