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SHANGHAI: Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Thursday called for global cooperation and more open thinking in artificial intelligence amid intensifying competition between Beijing and Washington in the emerging technology field.

China is racing to catch up with U.S. tech companies, particularly in the field of generative AI, with the United Nations saying on Wednesday that Beijing is the world's top filer of generative AI patents.

The United States and other countries have grown wary of Chinese technology that could be used for espionage, and Washington revoked some semiconductor export licenses in April after China's Huawei Technologies unveiled a computer equipped with Intel AI technology.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday urged countries to adopt a “more open mindset” and promote international cooperation on AI.

“Each country has its own advantages in AI technology, data and markets, so we should cooperate with each other and join forces,” Li said in his opening speech at the World AI Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai.

Chinese tech companies are expected to launch several new AI products at the multi-day international conference.

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In his speech, Premier Li called on countries to promote “cross-border data movement, free trade in equipment, and infrastructure connectivity.”

He warned that risks posed by rapidly developing AI technology also required a coordinated international response.

“No country is an exception,” Li said, calling for the establishment of global AI regulations and technical standards.

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