“ChatGPT for Business” Course Offers Pioneering Exploration of AI Business Applications

Applications of AI

SUNY Oswego students have the opportunity to learn more about new artificial intelligence (AI) tools, starting with the pioneering summer session course MBA 590: “ChatGPT for Business”.

The course was developed and taught by Mr. Mohammad Tajvarpour from the Faculty of Business Administration who has a background in Engineering and Business Administration. “To my knowledge, this is the first college-level course in the world focused on his ChatGPT for business,” Tajvarpur said.

This groundbreaking online course on ChatGPT, an emerging artificial intelligence (AI) tool, is designed specifically for Master of Business Administration (MBA) students and will be available in Oswego’s second summer session (June 12- 30 days). The course is fully enrolled this summer, but Tajvarpour intends to offer it to undergraduate students in the future as the need for such courses continues to grow.

“It was the power of AI that got me interested in developing this course,” says Tajvarpour. “I just started using ChatGPT myself and it’s a very powerful tool. It’s a game changer for many industries and many jobs.”

Tajvarpour said the MBA 590 will be rolled out in three modules. An introduction, a section on rapid engineering, and a closing section with business analysis.

“It’s important to start by introducing ChatGPT, its sources, its limitations, and the ability to set the foundation,” explained Tajvarpour.

From there, it’s important to learn rapid engineering (the questions users ask AI). Because “the answers that AI provides are very dependent on how we ask questions,” he said. “There are very small things to consider. This kind of he will focus on some business applications that are available through AI.”

The third module, Business Analysis, Coding, and Transcoding, is more advanced and builds on the first two parts of the course.

“I will demonstrate to the class how to use AI to collect and analyze data, how to get data from ChatGPT, and how to use this AI to find patterns in data,” said Tajvarpour. “We’ve found that he can write code in two minutes that takes a day. He’s also becoming proficient at translating code from one programming language into another.”

For more information on SUNY Oswego’s other summer session classes, visit oswego.edu/summer.

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