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Welcome to Episode 71, the extended Acceleration Economy Minutes, where Kieron Allen connects with Tom Siebel, Chairman and CEO of C3 AI. He is also a legend in the software industry with the eponymous, category-defining Siebel Systems, which was eventually acquired by Oracle.

C3 AI is included in the Acceleration Economy Top 10 Shortlist of AI/Hyperautomation Enablers. C3 AI’s profile will be published on Thursday, April 13th.

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01:21 — Siebel elaborates on the creation and history of C3 AI, as well as its original mission, and covers large-scale enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) applications as well as 42 We also built a turnkey application for

02:00 — When C3 AI started, AWS, Microsoft/Azure, Google Cloud, and Big Data were all very small. He said the field of data science has come a long way and is now being accelerated by generative AI. “We’ve been talking about this for about 14 years, and now everybody in the world talks about it every day,” he says. “So it turned out to be a pretty good guess.”

03:15 — In discussing C3 AI’s differentiators, he notes that other AI-driven offerings are highly technical. Customers need to understand algorithms, pipelines, or virtualization. Now that C3 AI has done the work, the customer doesn’t have to worry about all these details, he can just buy anti-money laundering (AML) and other applications. For the past 15 years, customers have been trying to build applications out of different parts. He uses the analogy of assembling a car from a series of parts. “We’re in the solutions business and other people think pieces he’s parts and tools he’s in the business.”

05:43 — Siebel shares his views on training and skills development and whether AI will eliminate jobs. The company employs about 950 people. Last year, the company had 92,000 job seekers. C3 AI strongly believes in continuing education. As an indicator of how rapidly the AI ​​field is changing and evolving, he says, “Employees are technologically obsolete from the day they walk out of MIT.” Retraining workers (rather than replacing them) is “much more humane, and actually much more effective”.

09:34 — Siebel explains why customers choose C3 AI and says it’s trying to solve their economic pain points. C3 AI understands the large and complex global supply chains and applies AI to the application of supply chain optimization, enabling companies to put the right number of parts in the right place at the right time. Offers. customer.

12:24 — For generative AI, Siebel says C3 AI is fundamentally changing the nature of human-computer interfaces using large-scale language models (LLMs). And as the company continues to expand and hire, he plans to grow from over 40 applications today to around 200. “Unlike others in the information technology business, we have been overhired in recent years, and we have not. We haven’t. Now that interest in enterprise AI is on the rise, this works well and is pretty interesting.”

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