Best AI Apps for Mental Health (2023)

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AI has played an increasingly important role in mental health in recent years. The field is on the cusp of fundamentally changing the way mental illness is recognized and treated. As technology advances, AI-driven tools become more accessible to help individuals manage their mental health. Utilizing machine learning and natural language processing, these applications can efficiently analyze user input and provide personalized insights and support. This can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and make quality care more widely available. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising AI apps for mental health.


Misü monitors users’ emotional well-being by sporadically analyzing their facial expressions. In doing so, Misü quantifies the impact that different applications and websites have on an individual’s mental health, allowing them to make informed decisions about how to use them. As users become more aware of their emotional state, they can actively seek out positive environments and stimuli. This ultimately promotes a healthier relationship with mental health.

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Wysa is another AI-powered mental health app aimed at providing immediate support to those in need. Using clinically-validated AI, the app provides first steps of care, with human coaching available for those who need additional assistance. It provides emotional help by tracking moods, emphasizing optimism, and reframing thoughts (CBT) in a friendly way. This innovative approach has the potential to significantly change the level of support experienced by those dealing with mental health issues.


Breathhh is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to automatically deliver mental health exercises based on your personal web activities and online behavior. By monitoring and analyzing user interactions, Breashh can determine the right time to present stress relief practices and strategies. This unique approach combines AI technology with hands-on mental health support to help users seamlessly and easily integrate self-care into their daily lives.


Youper is another example of AI integration in mental health care. As a healthcare technology company, our mission is to make mental health care accessible to all. Youper AI Assistant engages in meaningful conversations with you to measure your mental state and provide customized solutions based on the insights it collects. This innovative approach enables individuals to receive personalized support, further highlighting AI’s potential to revolutionize mental health care.


Sanvello is a mental wellness app that provides personalized mental health support by tracking your mood and helping you understand your state. In addition, we provide common practices such as medicine, visualization, and muscle relaxation while listening to nature sounds. It also provides peer support through a community where users can discuss with others suffering from the same issue.

mind dock

MindDoc offers a variety of features to support different aspects of mental health, including improving overall health, tracking moods, and reinforcing positive strategies. He specializes in understanding mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and insomnia. A user-friendly interface provides easy access to helpful resources, exercises, and personalized recommendations. By providing comprehensive support and guidance, MindDoc has established itself as an essential tool for those seeking to make mental health a priority.


Replika is an AI chatbot that builds a user’s digital persona based on their personality features, ultimately helping them cope with stress while improving their mental health. Suitable for those who want to have deep and thoughtful conversations with friends. It provides users with a safe space for self-exploration and emotional support, fostering deep connection and understanding. As a result, Replika has emerged as a powerful tool for individuals seeking unconventional ways to maintain and improve their mental health.

mood mission

This innovative app is designed to help users overcome depression and anxiety through evidence-based coping strategies. MoodMission promotes personal growth and empowerment by suggesting customized missions based on user-reported emotions and experiences. As you complete missions, you’ll gain a better understanding of mental health and discover new ways to manage difficult emotions.

AI together

Together AI is a digital companion chatbot designed for children and parents to bridge communication gaps and promote mental health. The app allows children to express their emotions while maintaining privacy and gives parents valuable insight into how their children are feeling. By offering a personalized approach, Together AI fosters open and honest conversations between families, giving families the tools and resources they need to support each other’s mental health.


Ladder is an AI-powered wellness app designed to help users understand the connections between their behavior, emotions, and overall well-being. The fact that this software was made by people of color for people of color is its greatest feature. This versatile tool includes an activity tracker to help you build healthy habits, and its cognitive journal promotes emotional awareness and reflection. Ladder also provides actionable insights and personalized recommendations to help individuals make informed decisions that support their mental health journey.


Kintsugi takes an advanced approach to mental health care by utilizing novel voice biomarkers in speech to identify, prioritize and address mental health issues in real time. This API-first platform seamlessly integrates with call centers, telemedicine systems, and remote patient monitoring apps to help more individuals access the right care when they need it. By detecting subtle changes in speech patterns and vocal markers, we can accurately assess a person’s mental state and direct them to the most appropriate resources and support.

calm down

Calm has earned a reputation as one of the most popular apps for mental health, especially for individuals dealing with anxiety and depression. The app provides various effective tools such as sleep stories, meditations, etc. to help users deal with mental health challenges. Users can explore different features tailored to their specific needs to improve their overall health.


Rootd is an innovative app that supports users during panic and anxiety attacks. This app utilizes the Rootr feature to help individuals face their fears and get instant relief. Additionally, Rootd offers short- and long-term strategies such as exercise, routines, and healthy eating to support improved mental health. By adopting these strategies and resources, users can gradually strengthen their ability to cope with anxiety and live a more balanced life.

Mindshift CBT

MindShift is a valuable mental health app that employs evidence-based strategies rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help users manage their anxiety. This app promotes relaxation and mindfulness, promoting healthier thought patterns and proactive steps to manage anxiety-related issues. With its user-friendly interface and range of customizable tools, Mindshift makes it easier than ever for individuals to develop calming routines and promote a more balanced state of mind.


Happify offers users engaging activities and games designed to significantly reduce stress and negative thoughts. By providing personalized analysis based on an individual’s mental health wellness record, the app provides customized support for your unique needs. Users have easy access to these activities and games at any time, so they can easily integrate them into their daily lives. Through its innovative approach, Happify promotes positivity and mental health, ultimately improving an individual’s overall quality of life.

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