Automation Anywhere's AI-based automation solutions aim to transform business workflows and productivity.

AI For Business

Austin-based automation company Automation Anywhere has unveiled its latest AI + Automation enterprise system along with a suite of new tools to boost business productivity. Unveiled at Imagine 2024 in Texas, the technology aims to revolutionize business workflows by integrating its second-generation GenAI with advanced AI agents.

According to Automation Anywhere, these innovations will dramatically improve efficiency, reduce work times from hours to minutes, and drive up to 10x business impact across areas such as customer service, finance, IT, HR, etc. “Automation with AI agents is a breakthrough that automates the seemingly impossible, creates new operating models for businesses, and drives enterprise transformation with amazing results,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and co-founder, Automation Anywhere.

Drive your business with custom AI agents

One of the highlights of the event was the new AI Agent Studio, which enables developers of all skill levels to use low-code tools to create custom AI agents that can manage complex cognitive tasks, learn from enterprise data, and make informed decisions to automate processes quickly and accurately.

The technology supports base models from major providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, making it versatile and robust enough to meet the needs of a wide range of enterprises. To address the growing security needs of enterprises, the technology ensures the safe and compliant use of AI and enterprise data.

Developers can also incorporate prompt testing to ensure that their AI agents are hallucinatory and that their output is relevant for every use case before putting them into action.

Enhanced GenAI process model

The new GenAI Process Models 2.0 are designed to underpin enterprise systems and accelerate the automation lifecycle. These models are said to deliver 30% faster process discovery, 90% higher accuracy in document processing, and 50% greater automation resiliency.

To accelerate business outcomes, new capabilities like Generative Recorder and enhanced Autopilot have been added to streamline automation development and reduce downtime by up to 50%.

Some of the tools developed in the 2.0 model are the New Automator AI, which enables a comprehensive set of generative AI products and capabilities to accelerate the automation lifecycle, making it faster and easier to build, deploy, and manage automations.

The company also announced Document Automation, which leverages GenAI to process various document types, including unstructured documents, in real time, achieving 90 percent accuracy. It helps in getting data from any document type quickly in the workflow with a new feature that can extract data from complex tables. It supports more than 30 languages.
Accelerate your business productivity

In addition to AI agents and GenAI process models, Automation Anywhere also released a suite of AI-powered solutions: Automation Co-Pilot with conversational capabilities via Amazon Q Service enables users to seamlessly interact with AI agents and automations in any application.

The Service Operations Solution Accelerator provides packaged AI agents and workflows for a range of service operations, with upcoming solutions for specific industries such as finance, IT, HR, healthcare and manufacturing.

With the increasing need for businesses to automate a majority of basic tasks, AI-enabled automation solutions are essential to accelerate growth. As generative artificial intelligence makes headway in the technology ecosystem, Automation Anywhere is offering new tools to help businesses streamline workflows and automate basic operational tasks to improve productivity.


Aman Rashid

release date:

June 11, 2024

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