AI-generated images of babies skydiving and rock climbing go viral on social media

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AI-generated image of baby skydiving. (Facebook)

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Realistic images of babies skydiving and rock climbing, generated using artificial intelligence (AI), have been trending on social media lately.

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“Introducing the ultimate adventure for kids, the preschool skydiving class! Watch your child’s confidence skyrocket as they leap and experience the thrill of freefall in the safety of an expert instructor. Please,” Facebook user Timothy J. Nemeth wrote in a March 30 post.

Hours later, he posted a disclaimer comment.

“Disclaimer: No real babies were harmed in this AI recreation where babies jump out of planes,” a Facebook user commented after the post went viral.

The day before, he had shared another post containing an AI-generated image of a baby rock climbing.

“I’ve found that if you train early, you won’t fall as an adult,” he writes jokingly.

The post received mixed reactions from other social media users.

“I love this!! Great pics! Adrenaline junkies next to scuba diving!?” commented Ginger Graham.

Kayleigh Bernard said: “I was so nervous before I realized it was a joke.

Images created or manipulated using AI rely on machine learning algorithms to generate or modify visual content.

AI-generated image of baby skydiving. (Facebook)

These algorithms can be trained on large datasets of images and learn to recognize patterns and features in the data. You can use it to create new images or modify existing images.

A user can visit an AI website, enter a prompt such as “babies skydiving” and wait for minutes or seconds to generate results.

Another set of AI-generated images that recently went viral and tricked many internet users is Pope Francis in a Balenciaga pufferfish jacket.

“I thought Pope’s puffer jacket was real and didn’t give it a second thought,” celebrity Chrissy Teigen tweeted at the time. “I can’t survive the future of technology.”

A photo of former President Donald Trump being arrested in front of an image of the pope in style has gone viral.

An AI-generated image of former President Donald Trump being arrested. (twitter)

These were made ahead of the long-awaited public hearing in New York last week.

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