A robo-advisor may come to a business near you

AI For Business

Some industries have a cutting edge vibe. Others do not.

The consulting industry falls into the latter group, but has made modest strides. It has been the same for years and most individuals and companies in this space are pushing the status quo.

But this lack of ingenuity and progress is ripe for disruption in the consulting industry. And like many industries, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to lead change.

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RAD AI: Marketing Consultant

Businesses with poor marketing campaigns waste billions of dollars every year. RAD AI is the first AI marketing platform built to understand emotions. This platform is built on $20 million in research and development. But that’s not all. The company has already raised over $3.4 million of his from private investors and is used by some of the biggest companies on the planet.

The company enables “power of artificial intelligence to drive ROI-based creative decision-making, content strategy, and high-performance influencer campaigns.” As its name suggests, RAD (“Remove All Doubt”) creates AI-driven persona profiles, creative strategies and influencer selections to give you a quantifiable ROI for him.

The company has had amazing results so far, with some of the largest companies on the planet already using the technology. From UBS to Splinterlands, the website is packed with positive results and impressive his ROI.

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Sobo: Results-Driven Consulting

On the surface, Sobo doesn’t seem to offer anything unique compared to traditional consulting models. But dig deeper and you’ll find traditional consulting powered by AI with his one purpose: to get results.

The company plans to launch the Sobo platform this year through its Sobo Advisors division. The company uses his AI to connect the top 1% of some consultants and advisors with small businesses.

The Sobo Method takes a similar approach to traditional consulting.

  • evaluation: Sobo works with cloud-based software to build anonymous data profiles. Then, perform comparative analysis to evaluate performance.

  • Recommended: Our network of validated consultants perform diagnostics and exploratory analysis against your business’s data profile.

  • repair: Insights are categorized by subject and tagged with suggested calls to action.

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Who is queuing for the profit?

While many small businesses can benefit from a relationship with a consulting firm, cost and start-up time constraints often prevent them from doing so. It is the company that receives the most.

These companies are flexible, visionary, and not bound by piles of corporate bureaucracy.

“AI-powered consulting will lead to more engagement at an affordable price,” said Burke. “More small businesses can weather economic headwinds, human capital challenges and operational challenges to become bigger and stronger on the other side.”

The consulting industry has lagged behind in leveraging advanced technology. Companies like QuantumBlack, McKinsey & Co.’s AI consultancy, and Infosys Ltd. continue to move forward, and large companies are just beginning to be affected.

Lean startups like Sobo want to bring artificial intelligence to the entire consulting industry. AI in consulting is still in its infancy, but it’s about to explode.

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