7 Creative Trends to Expect at Cannes Lions 2023

AI Basics

First of all, two trends are so obvious that they don’t even need to be explained.

love. The AI ​​will get a lot of attention at Cannes Lions by showing off a number of campaigns that look exactly like it in action (“I’m in mid-journey, something we can’t even imagine,” used for blind people, soldiers’ letters, refugees, etc.). I asked you to create something” is used…)

game. After last year’s big explosion, the game is likely to maintain its momentum (and now has its own category). Brands are obsessed with adapting games for their own operations (to save cats, to better represent African culture, or to allow real people to become characters in their games). .

I would rather focus on other trends that are less obvious and seem more interesting.

1. Back to basics

In 2023, it looks like we’re back to plain old advertising. Simple but not simple, it’s about valuing powerful big ideas without trying to create the kind of complex digital or user-generated activations we’ve seen before. A perfect example would be ‘Lacoste – Unexpected Encounters’, where the brand’s logo alone says a lot, or ‘British Airways – The British Original’, which sells travel without the use of images. We can also mention “Ikea – Proudly The Second Best” which reminds us of the famous print ads of the past. This is a feat I didn’t expect Ikea to offer. You could also add “Honda – The Beautiful Fail” to the mix and it might end up on the Cannes winners list.

2. big red wave

3. Purpose as usual

Campaigns for good are everywhere again this year, but based on previous awards ceremonies, some actions will come out on top. It’s hard to imagine that ‘Tuvalu – The First Digital Nation’ or the ‘CALM x ITV – Last Picture’ campaign, which looks like it was made for an advertising contest, will come back empty-handed. Closer to our market, there are to some extent the driving school “CER – The Lost Ride”, which offers rear empty seats to those in need, and the ambitious “Renault – Time Fighters”, which dispatches firefighters from the start. There is a possibility of We have enhanced our vehicle design and manufacturing to reduce the time required to secure trapped passengers in an emergency.

4. Sports with steroids

5. Days of Future Past

Thematically, it’s a little more unexpected, but we’re seeing some campaigns that combine time periods. The mockumentary “Clash of Clans – Clash from the Past” celebrates his 10th anniversary by imagining his 40-year evolution in a fictional gamer’s delight. India’s absurd and wonderful ‘Oreo-Bring Back 2011’ relives his 2011, the last year India won the Cricket World Cup, to bring hope to the 2022 tournament to reboot the brand. We can also mention the wonderful “LALCEC – Postponed Days” in Argentina. This shows just how foolish it is to postpone cancer screening appointments, and has lobbied 30 health organizations to postpone National Cancer Day multiple times.

6. Clever Animals

And what if this year’s coolest device wasn’t a connected refrigerator, smartwatch or drone, but a pet? Small and large animals are on the rise this year. “Honest Eggs – FitChix” and their chickens are equipped with a pedometer that prints on the egg how many kilometers it has traveled before hatching. Or, “Take 5 Car Wash – Official Pigeon” and win a free car wash when that incredible bird poops on your car. Or the Icelandic horse from “Visit Iceland – OutHorse Your Email” to write out-of-office emails thanks to the giant keyboard.

7. Reanimation

do you like disney movies? If so, you’ll definitely love our winners list featuring campaigns that come close to classic animation. It could be as simple as “Muskrat Magazine – The Missing Matoaka” remaking Pocahontas to show the truer and more tragic story of the title character. You can also think of Wally when you watch “Husqvarna – Happy Birthday from Earth,” which updates the robotic lawnmower to sing Happy Birthday to the Mars rover Curiosity. We can also mention the British animated show ‘Hey Duggee – Welcome Badge’, which invites characters from Ukrainian cartoons as an unusual crossover to teach children under the age of five the words of another language.

In summary, expect a return to basics at the 2023 Cannes Lions with extended animals surfing like athletes on steroids in giant ketchup waves. can’t wait!

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