6 Best Free AI Headshot Generators

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AI image generators have been all the rage in recent months. Being able to edit and create images in seconds, it has been adopted by many organizations and individuals to meet their daily needs. AI Image Generator takes this to the next step with the Headshot Generator.

Headshot Generator allows you to upload two photos and let AI process them. Once the process is complete, the AI ​​will generate a photo-inspired, professional-looking headshot. This can be used in a professional environment, such as in his resume or his Linkedin profile.

Headshot AI generators have skyrocketed in popularity recently, thanks to their ease of use and excellent results. However, many of the common tools available today are prohibitively expensive. If you’re looking for a free AI headshot generator, we have the perfect article for you. Here are the top 6 free AI headshot image generators you can use to create professional-looking headshots.

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Top 6 Free AI Headshot Generators

While there are many paid headshot generators out there, the market for free headshot generators is pretty niche right now. Some free tools let you generate the perfect headshot, while others let you remove the background and replace it with a professional one on the free plan. Check out all our choices below. , we recommend that you find the best option for your requirements.

1. PFP manufacturer

Our first choice for a free headshot generator is PFPMaker. This free tool allows you to instantly remove backgrounds from your photos and add custom backgrounds. You can then apply filters, add shadows, and create the perfect looking headshot. PFPMaker also offers a paid service where images are processed by AI. Paid plans require you to upload at least 10 images of yourself. These images are processed by AI for over an hour of him. Once this process is complete, the AI ​​will generate over 100 professional headshots of him. You can then browse through all the generated images to find the one that best suits your needs.

pros and cons

Strong Points Cons
Free to use remove background only
minimal waiting time Images generated with the same pose
Built-in editor Background removal doesn’t always work as intended
Images are for commercial use

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2. Photol

Fotor is the next choice for AI headshot generator. Fotor has been a popular image editing app for quite some time, and the company recently released its own AI headshot generator. This generator can not only generate headshots from images, but also based on text prompts. This is useful if you are trying to create a character or model for an upcoming project. However, if you’re looking for professional headshots, Fotor may leave you a little disappointed. Fortor’s AI headshot generator tends to favor stylish images with animation features over professional looking. So while Fotor-generated headshots are great for social media, they may not be ideal for professional platforms like LinkedIn.

pros and cons

Strong Points Cons
Free to use No realistic headshot generator
stylized image Sign up required
Image to Image and Text to Image Generators 5 free credits only
Images are for commercial use

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3. Art breeder

Artbreeder is another popular AI image generator that allows you to style your images to various extremes. AI has recently been updated to include the new Collager. It allows you to create basic design elements in an image editor and use AI to bring them to life using text prompts. But to generate portraits you need an image splicer. With this tool from Artbreeder, you can create different headshots in different styles and tweak them according to your needs. Artbreeder offers a free account with 5 starting credits. Generating headshots costs 0.75 credits and other services cost 1 credit each. Like Fotor, Artbreeder can’t create professional headshots, but it can create interesting avatars and stylized profile pictures that you can use on your social media accounts. A wide range of stylized controls and numerous customizable options are available for creative control over the final image.

pros and cons

Strong Points Cons
Multiple styles to choose from 5 free credits only
unique picture collage Sign up required
Fewer credits per task not for beginners
Extensive and many controls

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4. Pycommyio

Picofme.io is another AI headshot generator that focuses on the basics. You can also remove the background, apply various effects, and reshape the canvas. Picofme.io is great when you have the right pose on hand and want to style your images. It’s also useful if you want to replace the background with a good image and take professional-looking portraits. With an intuitive and easy-to-use UI, Picofme.io enables even novice users to generate professional-looking headshots in seconds. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution for generating headshots, Picofme.io is for you.

pros and cons

Strong Points Cons
User-friendly UI You can only remove the background and apply the effect
Free to use Not ideal if you don’t have a photo of the correct pose
multiple canvas shapes
Multiple filters and effects

5. Neural Love

Neural.love is another popular AI image processing tool that helps you easily generate headshots. Not only this, you can use our AI avatar generator to create uniquely styled avatars for creative headshots to use on your professional platform. Like many other products, Neural.love offers limited credits to free users. But if you’re trying to generate one or two headshots that can be used across platforms, this shouldn’t be a problem. Where Neural.love stands out is the multiple AI tools the service offers. In other words, if you choose a paid plan, you get an art generator, image enhancer, video enhancer, audio enhancer, and more. So if you’re looking for an AI headshot generator that focuses on the basics and doesn’t style your images extensively, be sure to check out Neural.love.

pros and cons

Strong Points Cons
Multiple AI tools portrait photography needs more credit
minimal waiting time Video enhancer is not available for free users
Unlimited art generation for free users Audio enhancer for free users is limited to 15 seconds
User-friendly AI

6. Face tune

Our final choice for an AI headshot generator is Facetune. Facetune is a popular selfie editing app that has AI-based features built into the app. The app can accept up to 10 photos, which are then analyzed and used to generate a unique avatar. Avatars can be highly stylized or minimal, depending on your choice. Like most free services on this list, Facetune heavily styles images. This may not be ideal for professional settings, but it’s perfect for your social media presence. Facetune offers a free trial that you can use to generate AI headshots of your choice.

pros and cons

Strong Points Cons
Rich editing options expensive subscription plans
Access to image editing tools
Free trial for generating headshots

I hope this post helps you find the best AI headshot generator based on your current requirements. Please let me know if you need help with this.


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