YouTube Music is testing a prompt-generating AI radio [Gallery]

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YouTube Music is testing a generative AI feature that lets you create custom radio by entering prompts.

Once rolled out to your device/app/account, you'll see a “Listen any way you want” card in your home feed. Note that it includes the existing “Start Radio” button.

This purple/pink prompt is similar to the persistent “Create a Radio: Music Tuner” card that got a dedicated Library tab > New FAB shortcut earlier this year.

This opens up a chat-based UI with a field at the bottom where you can “Request Music”, which launches as a full-screen UI with another “Experimental” badge in the top right corner.

You can also enter prompts by voice, though YTM explains: “AI-generated responses are experimental. Quality and accuracy may vary. Do not enter sensitive or personal information about yourself or others.”

YTM offers suggestion prompts in a two-line carousel, including catchy pop choruses, epic soundtracks, upbeat pop anthems, and the Moscow rock scene. There's also a “surprise!”

YouTube Music AI Radio

YouTube Music will generate the radio station and use your existing playlist card to display the result, using your prompt as the station name, labelling it “made for you” and providing a description.

On “Queer Hip Hop Beats,” YTM has produced “heartfelt rhymes and flows, and a celebration of queer pride in the art of hip hop.” The first three songs are then displayed along with buttons for play/pause, save to library, and an overflow menu.

So far, there's only been one report of YouTube Music's AI Radio Creators, and it didn't show up on any devices I checked today. It's a shame YouTube Music doesn't have a equivalent so more people can't test it out. It'll be interesting to see if you'll need a YouTube Premium subscription to access it.

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