YouTube can now use AI to remove copyrighted music from videos

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YouTube quietly celebrated Independence Day this week by previewing a new feature that uses AI to help creators declare independence from copyright infringement.

One of the most annoying things about streaming or creating YouTube videos for a living is accidentally putting copyrighted music in your videos. If you don't catch it early, it can cost you all the revenue you made from your videos and can even cause problems for YouTube itself.

Sometimes, this results in a copyright infringement bust. Often, it's someone who stumbles upon a licensed song in the background of a video game or their blog. For live videos, if you don't mute it immediately, an archive of the stream may become monetizable. Meanwhile, creators making edited videos may have to spend hours carefully separating the song from the rest of their work.

YouTube previously offered a beta version of the “Clear Song” tool, but the company wasn't happy with its effectiveness. Now, the company is updating the feature with a new AI algorithm that scans videos for copyrighted music and gives creators two options.

Erase a song It uses AI to intelligently mute just the problematic music, while leaving the rest of the audio untouched. Mute all sounds It acts as a fallback to mute the video while a copyrighted song is playing.

YouTube promises updated tools will improve performance, Support page “If it's too difficult to remove songs it might not work,” so an alternative would be needed, it said.

Unfortunately, Erase Song is only available after your video has received a copyright claim, not actively. To access it, go to the Copyright Claims Overview page and Choose Action in the bottom right corner of the screen. Erase a songSelect Erase a song (Yes, again) We use AI to intelligently remove only the claimed audio, or Mutes all sounds in the requested segment If you're not confident with our AI capabilities, you can preview the edited video before finalizing your claim. If you want to mute all sound in the claimed segment, you can use the suggested timestamps or customize your own.

YouTube's support page states that “if you can mute all of the claimed audio, the Content ID claim will be removed from your video,” allowing creators to use the system to avoid having to argue with representatives.

Erase Song joins similar tools like Replace Song, which lets creators replace their copyrighted songs with royalty-free music, and Trim Out Segment, which permanently removes just the copyrighted portions of a video.

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