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Following in the footsteps of Sony Music Group (SMG), Warner Music Group (WMG) has also warned AI developers not to use its music library to train their AI models. WMG sent a letter to AI tech companies informing them that they must obtain a license before using the label's content.

“Warner Music Group believes in the creative potential of machine learning and AI technologies for artists and songwriters,” the letter reads. AI Business“However, it is essential that any use and implementation of machine learning and AI technologies respect the rights of everyone involved in creating, marketing, promoting and distributing music.”

In addition to music, WMG has warned AI companies that the label group's literary works, metadata and album artwork are also off-limits.

Sony A similar letter was sent The company sent out emails to hundreds of businesses in May warning them about the unauthorized use of SMG content.

At the end of last month, major record labels such as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Records announced that Filed lawsuit against two AI music startupsSuno and Udio's developer Uncharted Labs are accused of using copyrighted music to train their AI tools.

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