‘What happens when people fall in love with AI?’ Former Google CEO warns ChatGPT users

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Google may be bullish about its grand AI plans, but the former CEO is skeptical about its impact on relationships. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has issued a warning about the impact of artificial intelligence technology on society. In his interview with ABC News on Sunday, Schmidt expressed concern about the potential risks created when people become too emotionally attached to his AI tutors and assistants.

AI technology has the potential to address key issues facing society, but Schmidt points out how AI technology can manipulate people’s daily lives and influence how democracy works. I am concerned about how it will be used. Schmidt stressed the importance of deploying AI in a way that he does more good than harm.

Schmidt highlighted examples of how AI can revolutionize the education industry by providing global access to AI tutors. He warns that he must use AI technology in ways that do not harm people, such as deepfakes and cyberattacks, and those who develop an emotional attachment to AI tutors face a very new challenge. warned that it could become

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“We’re facing very new challenges from these things, whether it’s the deepfakes you discussed or what happens when you fall in love with an AI tutor,” Schmidt said.

A former Google executive believes society needs to ensure that AI technology delivers its promised benefits while preventing its negative effects.

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AI was a buzzword until late last year when OpenAI launched ChatGPT. The fact that highly complex generative AI is available to almost anyone with an email account has caused confusion in many areas. Chatbot was the fastest platform to surpass his 100 million daily active users. It reached this milestone in just two months, surpassing the popular short-video application TikTok.

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Google’s former CEO may be skeptical when it comes to generative AI, but Google already has grand plans to compete with OpenAI and ChatGPT. The company has rolled out his Bard AI to select audiences to test it with, and plans to roll it out to different regions soon.

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