“We have India in mind”: OpenAI VP Srinivas Narayanan talks about AI and how it will transform industries globally

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Speaking at the Global India AI Summit, OpenAI Vice President Srinivas Narayanan highlighted India's growing influence in the company's development decisions, highlighting the country's rapidly evolving AI environment and the innovative spirit of its entrepreneurs.

“Our leadership team is getting into the habit of continually learning from India,” Narayanan said, underscoring the company's commitment to understanding and catering to the specific needs of the Indian market. “We keep India in mind when we take any major decision.”

Narayanan reflected on the remarkable progress made in AI over the past decade, particularly the development of general intelligence models like OpenAI's own GPT, which was initially conceived as a research preview: “In the last 18 months, we've seen people using it. [GPT] It is impacting people's daily lives, including here in India, in innovative ways. It has given rise to new interfaces to computing.”

He emphasized the versatility of these intelligent systems, noting that they are being adopted across a wide range of industries. “When you have a generic intelligent system, you can use it for a variety of purposes. We're seeing AI being adopted in many new industries around the world,” Narayanan explained.

Narayanan specifically acknowledged the role of AI in accelerating India's already vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. “AI is adding speed and dynamism to India's already vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem,” he said. “Entrepreneurs understand the gaps in the market. They are building innovative products.”

He emphasized OpenAI's mission to democratize access to AI, saying, “We're lowering the cost of intelligence, empowering developers to write code, and helping them create fully conversational and natural computing interfaces.”

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