Video: Engineer used AI to make the late Abdelhalim Hafez sing Amr Diab’s song

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Egyptian engineer Mohammed Al-Koury used AI technology to create a fake video of the late Abdel Halim Hafez performing some of Amr Diab’s famous songs, which he posted on his Facebook account. shared.

The clip went viral on social media, and users were delighted to hear Halim sing again.

Using AI technology, Khouly went through a complex process of training an acoustic machine to copy Halim’s voice for use in any audio content to produce the project.

Halim’s nephew, Mohamed Shabana, was not satisfied.

He released a statement clarifying the position of his uncle’s heir, saying: It was a failed experiment, a very bad experiment. “

“We will take legal action against the perpetrators as this is a distortion of the history and message of my uncle, the artist Abdelhalim Hafez.

“Therefore, any individual, group or company that commits this act will be held legally accountable, and Abdelhalim’s voice belongs exclusively to his family, so we will take all legal deterrence measures against it,” Shabana said. warned Mr.

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