University of Edinburgh partners with ABRDN on AI investment tool

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The University of Edinburgh and abrdn have announced a project at the Investment Innovation Centre to use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to support the investment research process.

We aim to bring together the expertise of the investment industry and multidisciplinary researchers to create a generative AI-powered research companion that combines enhanced large-scale language models and statistical inference to support abrdn's investment team, with a focus on expanding both the breadth of securities they can consider and the depth of quantitative analysis they can leverage.

While some of the other AI techniques that asset managers are deploying in their investment decisions focus on identifying specific risks or analyzing past decisions, this tool will support abrdn's research team by applying the process in a scalable way to a broader range of securities.

By adding a “statistical brain,” the tool should be able to do more than provide an enhanced version of a customized large-scale language model.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh's School of Information Sciences and Mathematics are investigating how existing large-scale language models can be adapted and enhanced to synthesize the vast amounts of data required for investment decisions, combining publicly available information with abrdn's own proprietary data.

The new tool also aims to provide explainability for how decisions are made.

This is envisaged as an add-on to the existing team functionality, where the reports and insights generated will have an overlay of human intelligence. The project should also create opportunities for students and young researchers in the industry, as well as knowledge sharing on forecasting and prophecy in academia.

Echo Yang, investment director at abrdn and co-leader of the project, said: “AI has the potential to make significant contributions to existing investment processes, but like any new technology, it needs to be leveraged correctly to deliver real benefits.

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