Unisa insists student use of AI is not a scandal

Applications of AI

Unisa recently said it would uphold academic integrity amid allegations that a number of students were under investigation for using AI technology to complete assignments.

The university responded to reports about the matter by disputing the allegations and saying in a recent statement that the matter was “not a scandal.”

Unisa said it has a balanced approach when it comes to AI technologies such as ChatGPT and that it promotes responsible and ethical use of AI in line with its academic integrity policy.

Ways to encourage students to use AI include:

– Finalize the guidelines for the assignment

– Introduce a course on responsible and ethical use of AI in 2025

– A draft of the University’s position on the use of AI has been finalised and is expected to be approved shortly.

Unisa also said it continues to use AI technologies such as the Invigilator App, Moodle and IRIS to ensure academic integrity. Turnitin also continues to be used heavily to detect AI content. The university said it is satisfied with these and future AI measures to monitor academic integrity.

The university reiterated that the proctoring tool is essential to the exam process and qualification and that it has no plans to stop using it. Exam rules and procedures regarding AI are communicated to students before they take the exam.

“If there is any suspicion of breach of examination rules, the student will be subject to further investigation and if the suspicion is confirmed, it will be referred to the Student Disciplinary Office for necessary action in line with relevant policies, including the Academic Integrity Policy.”

“Disciplinary action will be applied fairly and consistently, without fear, favouritism or prejudice. The principle of 'innocent until proven guilty' will be applied and to ensure affected students are not disadvantaged, they will be able to enrol in other modules or remain in the system until the investigation and disciplinary process has been completed,” the statement read.

Unisa encouraged students to use appropriate communication channels if they have any queries.

“We emphasize that the University's process for addressing potential academic misconduct is based on fairness and respect, and is focused on students' education rather than simply disciplinary action,” the statement concluded.

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