UM Dearborn chooses student digital rights over new AI cheat detection software

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With the latest artificial intelligence tools, many schools are looking for new ways to keep students honest, but the University of Michigan in Dearborn says it’s willing to shut down without new AI fraud detection software.

“We always heard that AI is coming, AI is coming, AI is coming. AI is not here anymore. AI is here now,” Casey said.

Digital Education Campus Coordinator Chris Casey says some people fear artificial intelligence and its capabilities, but educators at the Dearborn campus are embracing it.

“Students will probably use this in real language, so we want to expose them as part of their education,” says Casey.

But it’s the AI ​​detector idea that Casey says the campus is shutting down.

“I think we’re taking a somewhat unique approach. The University of Michigan, Dearborn, has opted out of that feature.”

It’s a feature built to detect student writing generated by ChatGPT that helps students complete their work, but as Casey puts it, assignments, projects, and even tests in the classroom I think the correct way is to constrain the way the is given. Fear of falsely accusing someone of plagiarism.

“There is no way to know if this is a 1% false positive. Was this really written by an AI? That’s not what we want to do as a campus,” Casey says.

Casey said he will continue to explore software that can be used comfortably on campus in the future, but UM-Dearborn educators are wondering how AI like ChatGPT can have a positive impact on student learning. He said he is focused on

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