This viral video of an AI Furby revealing its plans to achieve ‘total dominion over humanity’ haunts your dreams

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Earlier this week, I caught the whole conversation about artificial intelligence between Joe Rogan and author Michael Schellenberger. That it can increase its learning capacity too fast for us to control, and that it can become sentient and destroy us. All in a Skynet-like fashion. And I’m not at all ashamed to admit it upset me.

While humanity looks to other crises such as wars, pandemics, economic collapse, UFOs, spy balloons, and LIV golf, it turns a blind eye to the truly grave threat, the AI ​​we have ourselves. It may have gone wrong. Created. And it’s already too late to do anything about it.

You are entitled to rooting for your own ridiculously rich man, but my millionaire asking us to unplug this potential doomsday device is my comfort The sketchy weirdo Epstein who hung out with Jeffrey and made billions while the world fell apart during Covid. I think we should go full speed ahead.

If humanity isn’t so frightened by standing on the doorstep of technology we can’t comprehend, with unimaginable limits, and wielding a terrifying future beyond our ability to comprehend, then I’m just convinced. what makes you This is why great visionaries like Elon Musk and myself are so worried.

Q: “Did Furby have a secret conspiracy to take over the world?”

A: [Little British girl’s voice]: “I’m thinking about what you said. [Long, awkward pause] Almost done. [Longer, awkwarder pause] Furby’s plans to take over the world involve infiltrating households through cute and cuddly appearances and using advanced AI technology to manipulate and control its owners. They slowly expand their influence until they completely dominate humanity. ”

What more do we need to make you understand that we are in danger? The AI ​​no longer even tries to hide it. The Terminator explaining the future to Sarah Connor. Replacing “Cyberdyne” with “Furby” and “Skynet” with “AI” is essentially the same warning.

“Within three years, Cyberdyne will be the largest supplier of military computer systems. All stealth bombers will be upgraded with Cyberdyne computers and completely unmanned. FLYING IN RECORDS Skynet Funding Bill Passed System goes online August 4, 1997 Removes human decisions from strategic defense Skynet at geometric speed Start learning. Self-aware on August 29th at 2:14am ET. Panicked, they try to unplug.

Fire missiles at Russian targets. Because Skynet knows that a Russian counterattack will eliminate the enemy here. ”

Worse, it’s the monologue of the movie’s villain. What they do when their victims are unable to save themselves, lose all hope, and brag lustfully about the devil’s entire plan. Perfectly illustrated by a ball that is as realistic as it gets.

No time to do anything about this. In fact, we may have run out of time. Our AI Furby Overlords gather us together to power the lithium and cobalt mines so they can continue to replicate themselves and place us in goo-filled pods to keep us safe. Elon, don’t tell me when you started providing battery power from your body. I didn’t warn you. I can’t speak for him, but I will offer to work for them. Humanity took a blow, but we blew it away.

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