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Video editing takes time and effort. artificial intelligence is now a little easier. AI-driven video editing tools allow users to focus on more pressing issues while software takes care of tasks such as subtitles and background music. The whole thing is temporary.

Choosing an AI video editing solution is not easy, especially when there are so many options on the market. However, there’s something for every purpose, whether it’s creating content or creating visuals for a new song, here are his five time-saving video editing applications worth considering.

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Five adobe premier pro

Screenshot of Adobe Premiere Pro in use
Credit: Adobe

Adobe Premiere Pro users can use available AI tools like Color Match and Morph Cut to make video editing faster. Color Match matches the colors of two different video clips in a sequence to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the scene. Morph cuts allow visuals to flow seamlessly from one clip to another. This is especially useful when editing interviews or anchor-driven videos that often have pauses in the middle of the conversation.

Other AI features include scene edit detection, auto-reframe, the ability to remove objects, and the ability to remix music to fit the length of your video. Premier Pro comes with his 7-day free trial, after which users have to subscribe for $20.99 per month. Paid membership includes up to 100 GB of cloud storage, access to Adobe Portfolio, and helpful tutorials for beginners.

Four Wise cut

Wisecut logo on gray background

Wisecut aims to take the stress out of manual video editing using AI and voice recognition. The software can automatically generate subtitles for videos that subscribers can easily edit using her AI storyboard tool. Additionally, users can use the automatic translation feature to reach a wider audience with their videos.

Finding the perfect background music for your clip is often difficult. However, Wisecut software helps users find suitable songs to self-edit while editing videos. Wisecut can automatically detect and remove video pauses with auto-cut silence, and use AI to detect when people are speaking and lower background audio. Wisecut has a free plan, but it is limited to 30 minutes of usage per month. Beginners or casual users can subscribe to the $10/month Starter plan, while full-time video creators can subscribe to the $29/month Pro plan.

3 Filmora

Filmora software in use
Credit: Filmora

Filmora is another video editor packed with AI tools. The software can easily remove the background from the recorded video without green screen, and the AI ​​smart cutout feature allows users to remove unwanted objects from the recording. There’s also Auto Reframe, which can automatically reframe your video to a different aspect ratio, like YouTube shorts in portrait orientation.

AI Audio Stretch automatically adjusts the music to fit the length of your video, saving you time and effort. Other audio tools include AI Denoise, which removes background sounds from audio and video files, and Silence Detection, which automatically cuts pauses. The standard Filmora subscription costs $44.99/year on Windows, but those who want to edit on Macs, smartphones and tablets will have to pay $59.99/year.

2 Sinceresia

Synthesia AI Video Editor
Credit: Sinceresia

Synthesia uses AI and ML algorithms to transform text into ready-made videos. The platform allows users to create videos using her AI twinUsers can choose from over 100 AI avatars or create their own custom avatar. Avatars can speak over 120 languages.

Synthesia offers over 60 editable templates, auto-generated narration, and a simple interface for users of all levels. Access costs $30/month for personal accounts, but corporate accounts that need a large number of videos should book a demo to get pricing details.

1 Lumen 5

Promotional image of Lumen5
Credit: Lumen5

Lumen5 users shouldAI technology and drag and drop interface. “ Lumen5 has theBlog posts, white papers, and other written content.Subscribers can share links to content or paste raw text into the tool.

The software comes with a free media library packed with stock images, clips, and other digital assets. It also has auto-generated captions and “Transcript-based editingof lumens AI Video editing features are available for $29 (Basic), $79 (Starter), or $199 (Professional) per month.

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