The European tech industry is still hiring. The top five sectors to apply are:

AI and ML Jobs

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We’ve all seen the headlines. Even familiar names like Amazon, Meta, Google, and Microsoft have cut tens of thousands of jobs in the tech industry worldwide. And more could be on the horizon.

But even amidst all these cuts, tEach sector is still hiringTalent shortages in key skills mean some roles remain competitive. And new growth areas with limited long-term knowledge mean that some talents are as valuable as gems.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

One such area is AI, which has emerged as an indicator of a bright future for technology. With the explosion of generative AI hype stemming from the release of DALL-E, and the release of his ChatGPT by industry leader OpenAI, other companies race to not be left behind by the technology’s next big thing. I’m here.

a 2021 Survey on LinkedIn’s Economic Graph It turns out that AI employment in Europe has not yet penetrated beyond ICT and academia. But it is at a tipping point.


Whatever the obstacles facing the technology sector, the path forward for global digitization is clear and the essential infrastructure that underpins modern day-to-day life will play a key role for years to come.

In the EU, about 240 million euros of public funds have been committed. assigned to 6G research and innovationwith the goal of moving from concept to standardization by around 2025.

Change management

While the technology sector is expanding into the future with the mainstreaming of once-fictional technologies, other sectors are still grappling with the cloud era.

A well-executed digital transformation program can give your business a competitive advantage, increase efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs. However, all these benefits can only be realized by implementing leaders who understand people as well as technology.


Advances in digitization mean continued high demand for semiconductors. The EU recently embarked on developing its own research-to-production pipeline under the European Chips Act.

The framework will enable the establishment of the first semiconductor production facility of its kind in Europe, and has already secured an investment program of €80 billion from Intel for facilities in Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Poland and Spain. I’m here.

cyber security

Digitization also requires digital security. In short, the cybersecurity skills gap is not only acute in its size, but also in terms of the risks it poses.

The nonprofit Cybersecurity Network (ISC)2 estimates the global cybersecurity workforce gap at 3.4 million people. The gap is particularly widening in Germany and France, where it is estimated that there are 104,197 and he 60,859 workers shortfalls respectively.

If you’re looking for longevity jobs in tech, check out these 5 roles or search for more opportunities

Senior AI & ML Software Engineer, Siemens

Siemens is ambitious Senior AI & ML Software Engineer Join the Healthineers division in Dublin, Ireland. Siemens Healthineers is a global medical technology company providing diagnostics, molecular medicine and digital health technologies and services.

This senior position offers the opportunity to use complex AI models to solve real-world health problems while mentoring the next generation of AI professionals.find out more about Role requirements or check out Other roles available at Siemens.

Principal Systems Engineer Industrial Innovation, NXP Semiconductors

Dutch chip manufacturer NXP Semiconductors I’m looking for Principal System Engineer Industrial Innovation Drive 6G system engineering within the CTO system innovation team in Hamburg, Germany. This role is an opportunity for an experienced engineer to contribute his 6G use cases and system requirements and play an active role in 6G standardization.

Learn more or Apply for a position here.

Project Manager – Change Management, Societe Generale

Financial services business headquartered in France Societe Generale is embarking on a massive digital transformation journey with thousands of vacancies to support it.this early career Project Manager – Change Management The opening of our Change Management team in La Défense, just outside Paris, is an opportunity to step up our experience in this area while working with international teams in New York, Hong Kong and Bangalore. Get the full job specification here.

Wafer Metrology Applications Engineer, ASML

ASMLis a supplier to the global chip manufacturing industry and one of Europe’s most valuable technology companies. Wafer metrology application engineer in Feldhoven, Holland. This entry-level engineering role is open to those with a problem-solving mindset, a strong technical background, and a passion for physics.

find your everything I need to know about this role now.

Senior Systems Engineer – Identity and Access Management, Zalando

Fashion EC platform Zalando needs comprehensive identity and access management capabilities to keep customers, transactions, and internal users safe and protected.this Senior Systems Engineer – Identity and Access Management The Berlin team opportunity is ideal for hands-on engineers who can enthusiastically document everything and learn on the job through independent study.

For a complete list of job requirements, Check out our vacancies now.

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