TechSee Announces New Multisensory AI for Service Automation Built on Integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and TechSee’s Computer Vision AI

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The integration of Computer Vision AI and Conversational Al will enable organizations to deliver complete service automation across all digital channels including voice, chat, image and video.

new york, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TechSee, the industry’s leading visual experience platform, today integrated its computer vision AI platform, Visual Intelligence, with ChatGPT to enable Multi-Sensory AI (MSAI) for service automation announced that The convergence of ChatGPT and visual AI enables service organizations to automatically communicate verbally and visually with their customers by displaying, understanding, and providing augmented reality overlays on real-world images and videos. can. With this integration, ChatGPT will be able to request both images and videos from the user’s smartphone and send the images back to provide better guidance and answers to questions.

The combined capabilities of visual intelligence and ChatGPT provide a turnkey solution for providing customers with uniquely personalized, context-aware experiences, including highly accurate responses to customer questions and technical issues, for any business. provide to Customer interactions and service responses become truly multisensory, available as text, synthesized speech, and augmented images or video using TechSee’s augmented reality guidance technology.

Both ChatGPT and Visual Intelligence are generative AI platforms that improve the accuracy of your solution each time you are given a response. This new service allows companies to train AI responses using their own product or service documentation, customer data (such as CRM), and visual data gathered from live video support sessions run on TechSee. Companies can also speed up their computer vision AI training process with TechSee’s Visual Intelligence Studio, a no-code visual AI training platform. This holistic, cohesive, and low-friction approach enables enterprises to rapidly deploy actionable AI into the next generation of immersive MSAI experiences.

Beyond front-end customer service automation, the solution is also available as a back-end integration for customer relationship platforms (CRM) and field service management platforms (FSM). The software empowers customer service representatives and field service technicians to access the right knowledge to assist customers, solve problems with highly accurate device and error recognition through visual data capture, and integrate generation Help automate knowledge base documentation with Text AI.

TechSee’s Visual Intelligence open API architecture allows you to deploy your solution within your existing application, chat, phone system or TechSee’s live remote visual assistance platform.

TechSee’s Visual Intelligence AI is currently used by Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics and telecommunications industries to automate device setup and troubleshooting. When a customer provides a photo or video of their device, visual AI identifies the make, model, part, and current status, diagnoses possible causes of errors, and guides self-service fixes via an augmented reality overlay. increase. The Visual Intelligence platform is also being deployed to help set up and unpack the device with AI-guided confirmation that each step is done correctly.

TechSee’s Multi-Sensory AI (MSAI) offering is now available to select Visual Intelligence customers. A wider range of products will be available to the public later this year.

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