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While the market is eyeing the upcoming release of Chat GPT-4, a deep learning algorithm capable of generating human-level conversational responses, many technology leaders are concerned about the increased risks. Letters to the CEO, marriage vows, and concepts like relativity and complex science can be asked to be explained. In her MBA exams at Wharton University, on the SAT he scored a B-minus on an allotment of 710 out of 800, and passed the LSAT and bar exam.

OpenAI has signed a multi-billion dollar deal with Microsoft and also signed a partnership with Bain. Bain plans to use OpenAI’s generative AI in marketing campaigns for clients such as Coca-Cola.

The buzz around ChatGPT has started like a gold rush frenzy over the value of large-scale NLP language models, with companies and investors around the world mobilizing strategies to leverage generative AI.

Chat GPT models are trained using large data sets to generate good responses to user questions and inputs. Language models can answer questions and help with tasks such as writing emails, essays, code, music, and writing educational syllabuses. The opportunities are endless.

Chat GPT4 opens up a wide range of potential applications for non-commercial, commercial, or individuals to engage in more natural communication with chatbots. We thought dogs were our best friends. With the growth we’ve seen, Chat GPT4 is an unprecedented tool to win hearts and minds, but it’s going too fast and we should think better before it’s too late.

OpenAI announced the new Chat GPT-4 on March 17, 2023, and since then there have been many harabaloos. Chat GPT4 is the most important development in his 65-year history of AI. Chatbot has more than 65 million monthly users, compared to Instagram, where it took him over a year to amass 10 million subscribers.

First, ChatGPT4 is more precise than its predecessor, with an incredible ability to handle more nuanced instructions and answer nearly any question and why. Experts say his new GPT-4 is nearly five times better than the previous model, and it’s sophisticated enough to warrant a lawsuit.

As a result, the social impact of GPT-4 will be far-reaching and will require careful policy and legislative planning. Again, Pandora has no guardrails to guide and help modernize its business practices.

Questions like:

  1. What are the ethical implications of ChatGPT4 for unemployment?
  2. How will humans adapt to machines that better understand their emotions and intentions?
  3. How will this enhanced intelligent system affect our own ability to communicate and interact?

Last week, on March 29, 2023, prominent computer scientists and tech industry luminaries such as Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called for a six-month moratorium due to the risks. Further concerns were announced by halting development for six months. .

Their petition, issued by the Future of Life Institute, warns that “AI systems with intelligence competing with humans could pose serious risks to society and humanity.” From flooding the internet with disinformation and automating jobs, it can lead to more devastating future risks. The realm of science fiction. “In recent months, AI labs have been embroiled in an uncontrollable race to develop and deploy ever-more-powerful digital minds that no one, not even their creators, can understand, predict, or reliably control.” There are.”

The potential for GPT-4 is huge, and AI legislation needs to move faster and with greater uniformity if this technology is to be used responsibly. Governments, businesses, academic researchers, and citizens should develop guidelines and regulations that continue to advance and protect user privacy. and security.

As we enter a new world where intelligent solutions are advancing rapidly, unemployment and societal impacts are underdeveloped and potentially devastating. there is.

Even OpenAI founder Sam Altman wrote in 2015, all the way back to 2023, that “superhuman intelligence is perhaps the greatest threat to humanity’s continued existence.” He is accelerating this threat with Chat GPT4.

The company’s valuation is now over $30 billion, and the breath of AI data parameters has grown from 1.5 billion data parameters in 2019 to over 100 trillion parameters with the release of GPT4.

Built on Generative Adversarial Networks or GANS, these unsupervised AI ML methods are also the technology behind deepfakes.

What GPT5 will unleash — perhaps because the impact on jobs could wipe out more than 50% of jobs over the next 20 years, national security governments need a moratorium of more than six months.

Just yesterday, Italy’s data protection authority ordered ChatGPT to be blocked in the country after it determined that OpenAI illegally collected user data. OpenAI has since complied with the request, saying it has “disabled his ChatGPT for users in Italy.” I expect more shutdowns while humans pause the wheels more.

We are very unprepared for this – and do we want this reality?


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